Pony Party, Busiest_Day_Ever_

Today was supposed to be a fun Saturday….

All I had to do was get Thing 1 up, dressed, medicated, fed, and wheeled over to my mother’s house in time to get myself and Thing 2 ready for our friend’s Bat Mitzvah….attend the Bat Mitzvah, swing by Thing 2’s cross-country meet (which we were missing) to pick up the flyers for the benefit run for Thing 1, get Thing 1 packed up to go to dad’s, swing back by the Bat Mitzvah luncheon to pick up Thing 2 to take her home to get ready for the party tonight, swing by the ex’s house to get Thing 1 changed, pick up a card for Thing 2’s friend on the way back, pick up Thing 2’s friend who lives 20 miles in the opposite direction and deliver her and Thing 2 to the Bat Mitzvah party…

When my elderly neighbor, whose grandson was a ‘since kindergarten’ friend of Thing 1 until he committed suicide in Jan ’06, stopped me because she needed to talk.  She’s really missing her grandson this week.  I can understand this, because a friend of mine who’d died in ’05 has been very forward in my mind this week.  Samhain is right around the corner…and I guess it was appropriate for me to take a breather in my busy day to begin clearing the way for these departed souls who may choose to revisit us.

I hope your days are full of joyous activity as mine surely are…but not too busy to stop and listen sometimes….

Please don’t recommend the pony party (though i probably don’t need to remind you with respect to this particular rambling….)!!

Without further ado, the floor is yours…



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    • fatdave on October 13, 2007 at 20:15

    …you’ve a lot on 73.Keep hydrated and take frequent breaks. It is Eid today here and the fireworks have started – lots of trembly little pussy cats for the next 3 weeks as we celebrate Guy Fawkes’ attempt to blow up parliament on the 5th Nov. Now we’d just detain him and his without charge or access to counsel. Agincourt commences in 55 minutes.

    • Temmoku on October 13, 2007 at 21:54

    Nothing is falling into place like it should…this is the second diary with the same lack of connectivity…nothing is coming out right. Perhaps if I read more I can get back to my clay. I just need to regain my center.
    BTW, It was my mother’s birthday last week and I miss her a lot…she always understood.

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