Pelosi needs to quit labeling things.

From The Hill:

Pelosi labels herself:

The speaker, in an interview aired on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” stated it was ironic that, as an outspoken opponent to the Iraq campaign, anti-war activists are targeting her now.

She not only labels herself as an opponent to the war, but as an opponent of the war who speaks out about her opposition, presumably because speaking is acting, and actions talk louder than words.

Pelosi labels things 100 years past:

She restated, however, that the House would take up a resolution labeling the mass killings by (sic) Armenians early last century “genocide” over the strong objections from the administration and the Turkish government.

Stop labeling historical mass killings Nancy.  Start ending the current mass killings.  (By the way, the Turks are shooting across the border in to Iraq, don’tcha know.)

Pelosi also labels the Congress as “not deserving high marks” on the war.

Pelosi labels “us” in order to support the troops:

“Some of the things that are harmful to our troops relate to values — Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, torture. All of those [are] issues about who we are as a country,” Pelosi said. “And I think that our troops are well-served when we declare who we are as a country and increase the respect that people have for us as a nation.”

Brilliant strategy!  Let’s declare who we are: We do commit aggressive wars! We do not torture!  We do not have murderous mercenaries!  We did not kill in excess of one million people!  We support the troops!  I get it now: Keep on doing all those things, but just call them something else.  Yeeearghh!

Pelosi declines to label Iran

Pelosi also said that she would not bring up to a vote language that designates Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization. The measure had passed in the Senate earlier this year.

There, now you’ve got it.  Don’t even bring up the idea of merely labeling things.  Merely labeling things is a stupid waste of time, blood, and money.


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  1. … to be in the Progressive Cacus in Congress now?  It must be like hell to watch this going on, be right there and see all this.

    But they are our only hope right now and I think we ought to be giving them some attention.

  2. New England Democratic congressman to demands for Impeachment:

    I think this is probably the situation.  A veteran 71 year old congressman with a PhD from MIT is saying this, he’s not exactly tinfoil hat material. 

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