My 9/11 Theory Vol. 3, How WTC7 was ‘Pulled’ (video)

For the first time, video of the infernally diabolical mechanism Cheney used to blow WTC7


Well….um……it seems they left out the very last part where the thing rolls down and triggers the detonator thingee

but you get the idea.


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  2. i love that and it reminds me so much of my ex-husband… extravagant like that… fun, that is until the mess needed to be cleaned up

  3. This is what Americans do.

  4. and seriously and wonderfully tweaked!

    How did the chess pieces move like that?

    Where was the pootie to fuck up the whole thing? Can you imagine a pootie in that scenario, or a 3 yr old kid?

    Thanks Buhdy.

    Pea Ess: Nice margin thrashing.

  5. i just had a glass of red wine…

    first, i went for a real quick meeting of some old friends from out of town (but will see them tomorrow for dinner) but had to get home to let my dog out

    and also because i was waiting for a phone call from my former work colleagues… there were 10 of us and for 7 years, it was extraordinary… now we’re all apart and i miss them!!!!!!! two of them were together in LA and called me… i just got off the phone a little while ago and am missing them so

    now we are planning a reunion…

  6. until someone puts an eye out.

    Or invades Iraq

  7. ol’ dead eye must’ve outsourced that one…

  8. I’d say someone has waaaay to much time on their hands. did give me a good chuckle. And for that, I’m grateful.

    • Twank on October 6, 2007 at 15:08

    Among duco-ists … who believes that our govt. (i.e. Bush, Cheney, et al) had NO involvement in 9/11 vs. those that think that they AT LEAST knew it was coming and allowed it to occur?  Any undecided folks out there?

    Just wondering?  Are there 2 camps or 3?

  9. are available here.  Parts 1 2 and 3

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