Morning Environmental News Roundup

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From some of my favorite sites around the web (my way of thumbing my nose at that Global Warming denier that showed up here yesterday…argh…):

1. The Environmentalist:

a) NCDC: Drought Spreads across 43% of the US

The National Climate Data Center reported this week that the drought parching the south and the west has now spread to the mid-Atlantic states…

b) The Plight of the Bumblebee

With all the focus on the disappearance of the honeybee, there has been little discussion about the plight of the bumblebee, one of the hardest workers in the wild world of agriculture…

2. Real Climate

a) Convenient Untruths

Last week, a UK High Court judge rejected a call to restrict the showing of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth (AIT) in British schools. The judge, Justice Burton found that “Al Gore’s presentation of the causes and likely effects of climate change in the film was broadly accurate”…

b) The ‘Have you stopped beating your wife yet (yes/no)’ questionnaire

I got an email Climate Expert Survey today from, a creation of Steve Milloy. Milloy has practiced to deceive before in the climate arena, and his, claiming to debunk the junk science of others, is actually a terrific source of specious deception in its own right…

More below the jump…

2. More from Real Climate

c) Spanish perspectives

The main theme of the European Meteorological Society (EMS) annual meeting was high impact weather. This includes extreme weather and the predictability of these…

d) Perspectives from China

….the conference I attended was on paleoceanography and there were was a lot of great new science presented. …snip…  My second thought on China came from traveling through some of the most polluted cites in the world. Aerosol haze that appeared continuous from Beijing to Hong Kong is such an obvious sign of human industrial activity that it simply takes your breath away (literally)…

3. Earth 911

a) Lookout for Lunchboxes with Lead

The Center for Environmental Health rang the school bell last year when 150 soft vinyl lunchboxes were tested, and 10 percent contained high lead levels. The report outlined that lead was found on the inside surface and indeed transferred to hands and unwrapped food….

4. Environmental News Network

a) Virgin Atlantic 747 to test biofuel in early 2008

British billionaire Richard Branson said on Monday his Virgin Group hopes to produce clean biofuels by around the start of the next decade and early next year will test a jet plane on renewable fuel.

b) Kyoto approach on climate is “bad policy”: Bush

President George W. Bush said on Monday his administration’s approach of emphasizing voluntary approaches to address climate change was working and he denounced Kyoto-style mandatory caps as “bad policy.”

5. MSNBC Environment

a) Myanmar sacrificing wildlife for cash

Myanmar’s other disaster: its environment.  Junta promotes logging, mining and dams; species also in decline.  Truckloads of illegal timber cross the Myanmar border to sawmills in China, while markets along the Thai border openly sell bear paws, tiger skins and elephant tusks.

Further inland, the repressive military regime plans to dam one of Asia’s purest rivers, and allows gold and gem mines to tear up hillsides and pollute groundwater for quick cash…

6. Grist

a) From Bad to Thirst

The scenery is pastoral and soothing. But this abundance, and the security it evokes, has a darker underside. The nation’s breadbasket, it turns out, is poisoning the water.


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  1. Let me know if you want more posts like this.  Only grabbed about 10 percent of sites I like for this one.  Lots more available.

  2. this week I went to the garden center and purchased a lot of perennials, waiting till the end of the season will reduce your cost considerably.  Anyway one of the gems purchased was called Azure Monkshood.  I planted it right beside the steps leading to the back hill.  Yesterday I noticed about 10 bees hanging out on the plant and gathering nectar.  It’s a late bloomer and the dramatic color is sure to attract the insects.  So if you want to help, try picking one up and planting it.

    Other plants the bees like: bee balm, spirea, butterfly bush, rhododendrons

  3. Colbert announces presidential pursuit

    “I shall seek the office of the president of the United States,” Colbert said Tuesday on his Comedy Central show as red, white and blue balloons fell around him.

  4. that there may be some very strict water rationing in Georgia very soon to deal with the drought crisis.

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