Mitt Romney Says Fuck Off to Dying Medical Marijuana Patient

Good Job, Mitt!  Your Cruelty knows no bounds!
More down there…

We know the drug war is working because our prisons keep filling up at exponential rates, and we keep building more!  Good job!
And in useless drug interdiction news:

KABUL, Afghanistan, Oct. 7 – After the biggest opium harvest in Afghanistan’s history, American officials have renewed efforts to persuade the government here to begin spraying herbicide on opium poppies, and they have found some supporters within President Hamid Karzai’s administration, officials of both countries said.

  Since early this year, Mr. Karzai has repeatedly declared his opposition to spraying the poppy fields, whether by crop-dusting airplanes or by eradication teams on the ground.

  But Afghan officials said the Karzai administration is now re-evaluating that stance. Some proponents within the government are pushing a trial program of ground spraying that could begin before the harvest next spring.

  The issue has created sharp divisions within the Afghan government, among its Western allies and even American officials of different agencies. The matter is fraught with political danger for Mr. Karzai, whose hold on power is weak.

  Many spraying advocates, including officials at the White House and the State Department, view herbicides as critical to curbing Afghanistan’s poppy crop, officials said. That crop and the opium and heroin it produces have become a major source of revenue for the Taliban insurgency.

  But officials said the skeptics – who include American military and intelligence officials and European diplomats in Afghanistan – fear that any spraying of American-made chemicals over Afghan farms would be a boon to Taliban propagandists. Some of those officials say that the political cost could be especially high if the herbicide destroys food crops that farmers often plant alongside their poppies.

  A few important issues are not being addressed here:

  1.   1. Herbicides kill everything, even weeds, and create barren soil.  This means that farmers will be unable to have productive land to grow anything for years.
  2.   2. Why has the anti-poppy Taliban suddenly become pro-poppy?  Why doesn’t the US government ask itself this question?
  3.   3. How are these enormous poppy crops leaving Afghanistan, which is currently living in the dark ages, with the majority of transport based around donkey carts?  Where are these crops being processed and by whom?  In Afghanistan and neighboring countries, opium is taken in a virtually pure form, basically unrefined sap. To become marketable, it must be processed, and distributed.  During the Vietnam war, the C.I.A. took care of those issues, processing and distributing the Vietnamese heroin.  Why would it be any different today?
  4. 4. Why hasn’t anyone talked to this guy:

Drug Interdiction–A Losing Strategy
  CSC 1992
  SUBJECT AREA National Military Strategy
  Title: Drug Interdiction — A Losing Strategy
  Author: Major Warren R. Tate, United States Air Force
  Thesis: Direct military intervention into drug trafficking is not
  strategically sound, tactically suitable, or cost  effective.


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  1. is a travesty.

    Kudos on the “Jerk” tag. Mitt Romney’s healthcare plan, as outlined in the Republican debate (yes, I did actually watch, for some reason) sounds a lot like Canada’s. Betcha he’d never admit that.

  2. Mitt Romney : Jerk
    drug war : failure

    • plf515 on October 10, 2007 at 12:44 pm

    if no one went to jail for smoking pot, and no one got out of jail who raped kids?

    • nocatz on October 10, 2007 at 6:57 pm

    deja vu, along with multiple personality disorder. 

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