instruments of change or of doom and gloom

there are two very good essays on the front page examining the ways in which your mortgages or home equity loans can explode in your face. what can be done about this? do we unleash this info and get our state legistlators enacting some kind of laws, even temporary, that prevent such a thing from happening?

there are so many great commentaries at this and other blogs about the tough and dire straits in which we find ourselves.

but i find myself shrinking away from reading anything more. i can barely open a blog for fear of what i might read next.

and here’s the thing. i ONLY feel beaten over the head every day.

what can we do about what is being done to us?

i mean, why should the powers that be shut down the blogs? they see us writhing in psychic pain everyday. they see us continuing to rely on conventional politicians and politics to solve our problems. they see we have not yet begun to understand politicians will not solve these problems. WE are the ones who need to figure a way out. WE need to start to exert control over the pols.

i am not smart enough to figure a way out. i am only smart enough to tell all of you this:

we need to come up with collective and organized action to stop this runaway train. we need to pick one BIG thing that all of us can do in the routine of our everyday… and it needs to be doable, attainable, and measureable.

if we can hobble, let’s say exxon mobil, and people can hear about it and see it work, then we can move on the next thing… and have a few options, depending on the first action.

and then when cosmic debris writes about ways in which we can reuse water, people will see how individuals can exert power and how flexing that power will pay off.

of course, this message, right now, will be picked up by the choir. while we are doing this collective action thing, we need to work on giving information that breaks down barriers to people who

a. may be politically like-minded but hostile to us in other ways
b. totally confused and believing no one
c. completely opposing views

but all, and i’ve not covered everybody, facing the same shit storm.

we need to be able to agree on the problems, magnitude of those problems, and the priorities in dealing with them. health care is NOT the most pressing, imo, for example. stability is and restoring a governmental infrastructure that actually is useful in solving our global and local problems.

anyway, that’s how i’m feeling about it.


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    • pfiore8 on October 25, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    • nocatz on October 25, 2007 at 7:02 pm

    but in a fun way.

  1. I’ll somewhat echo Buhdy here.

    Step one is an Informed Elecorate. We (those who care enough to learn about what’s really going on) are at the forefront of this movement.

    Next, develop ways to leverage the pols to our way of thinking. We are behind the curve here. But it’s coming.

    Eventually, there will be change.

    But it will require patience and perseverance.

    Ironically, Bush is ultimately going to help our cause by helping to create a whole generation of folks who would never vote Republican. Not everyone, but enough to keep our side in the game for decades.

    Up until yesterday, I was edging towards dispair myself. Then I was reminded yet again that we will win this fight. I forget what the trigger was, but it hit me we will win. Eventually.


    • nocatz on October 25, 2007 at 8:10 pm

    sometime a little glimmer comes from an unexpected place….

    Sarkozy gives France green plan
    French President Nicolas Sarkozy has used a speech on the environment to call for taxes on polluters and for French use of pesticides to be halved.

    wait for it….

    He called on the European Union to study in the next six months “the possibility of taxing imports from countries that do not respect the Kyoto Protocol”

  2. … it might make you feel better to read this — it’s an essay that got a whole lot of interesting comments.  I think the author and you are very sympatico.

  3. Thanks for pissing me off today….you have inspired another diary!

    • nocatz on October 25, 2007 at 9:02 pm

    from the world of science:

    Watching funny shows helps children tolerate pain longer, study finds

    Eighteen healthy children – 12 boys and six girls between the ages of 7 and 16, with a mean age of 12 – participated in the study. An ice chest was fitted with a plastic mesh screen to separate crushed ice from a plastic mesh armrest placed in 50-degree water. Water was circulated through the ice by a pump to prevent local warming. Participants placed a hand in the cold water to a depth of two inches above the wrist for up to three minutes maximum. Their hands were warmed between tests with warm towels.

    Is this torture? Did they pee themselves??

    And this is just sick…Optimists BAH!.


    Scientists Narrow Optimism Area in Brain

    ….For example, when people were asked to ponder a future haircut, they imagined getting the best haircut of their lives, instead of just an ordinary trim, Phelps said.


    and an explanation for cosmic debris

    Scientists discover possible cosmic defect, remnant from Big Bang


  4. how big of a change you’re looking for, but if you’re like me and want to see the US Corporate Empire challenged, then I think we might have to look for the development of a force strong enough outside our system to put it in check.

    This is why I find hope when I hear about things like the Axis of Good. I think our hegemony needs a counterbalancing power in order to really feel the need to change. That’s why I found the information about Blessed Unrest in your diary the other day so hopeful. Another avenue for that challenge.

    Meanwhile, I’m looking around for where the seeds of that unrest are brewing…where Pachamama is starting to stir. I want to find my place of engagement in that movement. 

  5. …the boss dude beat me to it, on the response…but all the reasons why I think this is worthwhile, even without an actual timetable for the revolution, as it were, are embodied in this 30 odd year old essay written from behind the iron curtain.  There are spelling, punctuation, and outright translation errors in the web version, but I can’t help that…it takes a good hour to read, and I can’t help that either.  I think it’s one of the best things written on the subject since Thoreau :}


    I cleaned this up as a pdf, there are still errors (it’s not as good as the formal one in “Living In Truth”)…I’ll send it if you wish, but I can’t post it for copyright reasons…

  6. It’s not the global warming movement, it’s the carbon footprint TAX movement.

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