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I look around at a whirlwind of disaster, even having happened already or imminent.  But in crisis lies opportunity, I am told.  I’ve more often found that in crisis lies stress.

Yesterday I had to empty almost ever box of papers I possess (at least any such box which has been open in the past three years) looking for my divorce decree.  Then in the afternoon Debbie and I went and filed for our New Jersey Civil Union license.

The upshot is that the house is a disaster area.  Check that.  It’s more of a disaster area than it was.  It’s midterm week, so housework has not been done for quite some time.

In six days a house guest arrives.  That sounds like a deadline to me.  Of course, with grades also due on that Friday, that puts us in sort of a bind.  And I have to have my hair done on Friday, too, presuming I can get an appointment.  I neglected to register the fact that Wednesday I won’t be available for hair styling since I’m scheduled for jury duty (oh, joy!) on that day and Thursday.

Time will have to be spent grading exams and projects today, so I may be a little longer in responding than usual.  Priorities will have to be observed.

But it will be better than next week, when I won’t be responding much at all.  In fact, you’ll have trouble locating a Teacher’s Lounge next Saturday.  For the second time in its history, TL will move to Friday night (a couple of times it was reposted on Sunday because of site crashes).

For those keeping track, that history will have reached 104 issues next week.  That means a birthday part of sorts might be in order for issue CV.  It will return to Saturday on that day (October 27).

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Pinwheel #1

End of Semester Blues

We call them hands
on a clock
going ’round
at a predictable rate
But it’s my mind
and feet
that are spinning
never enough time
do this
do that
you forgot that
never enough time
you’d think I’d learn
and I have,
in a way there’s
never enough time
and there is
nothing I can do
to change that
never enough time

–Robyn Elaine Serven
–December 5, 2005

It must be midterm time for other people as well, both teachers and students.  How’s it going?


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    • Robyn on October 13, 2007 at 7:21 pm

    …because I would rather do that than grade.  The grading will commence when I do not wish to clean the next thing that needs cleaning.

    • pfiore8 on October 13, 2007 at 7:24 pm

    i’ve left my house in disarray pretty much since DD… cleaned isn’t the word i’d use… straighten up is more truthful

    but last night and today, really fall cleaning

    and you know what? it feels good to have the house back

    it always goes to shit when i’m in conflict or chaos and i know my aligning starts when i put the house back in harmony

    hi Robyn… excited about your upcoming nups….

    hugs… pf8

  1. chaotic, so at a certain point start loosing it if the physical gets out of control. Interestingly My husband who is a mathematician and composer, thrives in physical chaos. This essay has hopefully motivated me to get a move on and clean. Postponing a tedious mental job, mines bookeeping today, is always a great motivator for physical work. 

    Congratulations to you and Debbie, may your union always be civil, and if not at least deep, forever, and abound with love.


    • lezlie on October 14, 2007 at 12:53 am

    like a clean, tidy house… I was always a “place for everything, everything in its place” kind of person… my family and employees always teased me about it. Now, not so much. Everytime I get up to do anything, I start coughing and have to turn my oxygen up… then about 10 minutes later, I’m exhausted. My husband had a busy week at work and has been grumpy all day, so I sent him to bed for a nap!

    I can live with a lot that I would have never imagined I could, chronic illness does that to you.

    I live vicariously thru you folks, so keep up the good work and maybe I’ll be able to ignore the popcorn on the family room rug, my husband’s shirt draped over the dining table, and the little pieces of paper my granddaughter tore up yesterday, for what purpose I have no clue.

    Robyn, take a deep breath… this will all work out in time for next weekend. Have a happy wedding!

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