When Nancy Pelosi says:

“We have to make responsible decisions in the Congress that are not driven by the dissatisfaction of anybody who wants the war to end tomorrow,” Pelosi told the gathering at the Sofitel, arranged by the Christian Science Monitor. Though crediting activists for their “passion,” Pelosi called it “a waste of time” for them to target Democrats. “They are advocates,” she said. “We are leaders.”

It captures virtually no attention from the Left blogs. Instead we get this:

“Name one hero. Just one.” A woman in the audience raised her hand and said “Eli Pariser.” Then everybody clapped.

MoveOn is an incredibly valuable asset on the progressive side and it’s no surprise that entrenched Democrats who see them as a threat took an opportunity to take a swipe at them. . . . MoveOn stuck their necks out. And I believe it worked. People talk about it as if it was a “distraction.” From what? From ending the war? As if. I hope they continue to find meaningful ways to combat the horrible trajectory this country seems to be on by continuing to fight for progressive values.

Stuck their necks out? A threat to entrenched Democrats? Puhleeeaze. They probably raised more money than they have all year. They support these entrenched Democrats. It begins to smell like a racket to me. This was Move On when it mattered:

MoveOn’s Washington director, Tom Matzzie just confirmed to me that despite earlier concerns that the House Dem leadership’s Iraq plan wasn’t tough enough, the organization yesterday started polling its members and has decided to back the legislation . . .  “Our view is, this is a choice between Republicans who want endless war and Democrats who want a safe, responsible end to the war.”

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi who will not do what needs to be done to end the Debacle? You think Move On will run an ad on Pelosi? It smells like a racket to me. Who will speak for the “irresponsible ones” who want Congress to do what it must to end the war – not fund it after a date certain? Not Move On. Not the Left blogs. Not the Left pundits. Where are the “heroes?” Who is defending and supporting the Progressive Caucus? Those folks are the heroes. Not Move On. Not the Left blogs.


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  1. More troops in Iraq now than when they took power.

    More billions wasted on a failed ‘Surge’ strategy.

    More dead US soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

    More Iraqis imprisoned by US forces.

    More domestic spying (and this time it’s legal!).

    More regressive tax breaks for the investment class.

    More US debt.

    With Leaders like this, who needs followers?

  2. Pressure Politics?

    Have these people studied this shit at all?

  3. “They are advocates,” she said. “We are leaders.” right now on this particular subject sound like, “I hear the voices, and I read the front page, and I know the speculation. But I’m the decider, and I decide what is best”?  Grrrrrrrr (where’s my highlighter?)

  4. Move On has never been against the war. Redeployment is not being against the war.

    This was written 2 years ago. People are still not catching up


    There is nothing but myth. Myth is a chef’s delicacy exquisitely prepared by the right and consumed by an indulgent, overweight, ponderous “left”. The Myth of Al Qaeda, the Myth of the evil of Sadaam Hussein, the Myth that America is not the number one terrorist in the world. America, a nation twisting and convoluting its intentions to piously hide behind “Democracy” for what appears to me to be a suicidal Christian plunge into the prophecy of the not so pious biblical apocalypse. And the American left is insidiously invaded by this deception. It adopts the tone set by the right and uses its catch words: “support the troops”, “getting out of harm’s way” “our brave fighting men and women” “Sadaam was evil” “Al Qaeda networks” “Protecting our borders and ports” and on and on.

    You don’t believe the above are myths? You need to look into Sadaam’s “guilt”. It’s largely fabricated.

    The left has been fooled by itself. The left is the right. But what’s right is always right.

    The left has become pious and self involved. Discussions sometimes revolve around how to how soothe members’ hurt feelings, or how to frame this …and …how to manage and strategize that, all with the proper looking effect for the proper looking effect. It’s a Methodist Left. We must be careful. There are roadside eggshells planted all around us. We must be a community. The left relies on conformity, homogenity and sterility to assuage its loneliness. It does not want to offend. It’s a soggy, wimpy, cloying left with watery eyes that never dry but never make a tear heavy enough to fall. It has to be careful. It wants to be accepted and accepting and inclusive of all those who are accepted and accepting and inclusive. Behind the face of a pious person is a cold, icy gust of freezing rain that drops down and mercilessly pierces and pounds the heart and soul of every living thing, man, animal, plant, casting them into lifeless stone. And stone seems to live forever.

    The left is cold and heartless.

    Beware of the pious. They have been killers for centuries.

    Move on has farmed out the protests, not organized them themselves.

    In the same Vein Al Franken has always been a supporter of the war in Iraq.

    Did you know Juan Cole did not oppose the invasion of Iraq and that he suggested African mercernaries be used in place of U.S. troops and that the U.S. should bomb insurgents by air instead of fighting them on the ground to “prevent civil war”

  5. a waste of time to target Democartic leadership, indeed it’s the only course of action that might work.

    You think W and his Thug enablers are going to change their mind?

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