Chicago Treasures: Peace Rally and March – October 27

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Yesterday turned into a beautiful day in Chicago.  It started out grey and drizzly, but by the time people met in Union Park, the rain had passed – and when people started to march, the sun came out.

Thank you to dmsilev for agreeing to go to the rally and march and I’m sorry we missed you to Got A Grip.  We had the sign out, but we completely missed you.

Please join me over the fold for many photos.

The first rally started in Union Park on Randolph & Ashland.  We took the Pink Line train to the Ashland stop, and were kitty corner from the park. 

There was all ready an impressive number of people there.

There was a bit of a gauntlet to make it to the rally point.

These women let us know they were from Michigan.

While this group didn’t speak much.

Bill Richardson was well represented.  We didn’t see any Hillary supporters (representing themselves as such), were surprised to see only one Obama campaign signs (though there were several suggesting he WALK the WALK), and dmsilev said he’d seen an Edwards sign, but I did not.

Undoubtedly the best represented candidate was Ron Paul.

If you needed a sign, they were available.

I bought a couple of buttons (photographed later… and please notice the new dkos orange backpack)

There were several speakers, congress people, aldermen, and people representing the various peace groups.  They were great speakers.  It was just a long time to stand (though it was a great time to get pictures!)

Flags were very popular

The Raging Grannies (from Wisconsin) got a good reception.  The embed is not working, so here’s the direct link 

The police were all ready making their presence felt.

As was the media.

It was great to see so many people who can recognize the obvious.

As the final speaker started to do hip hop (and damn, that bass was intense), we turned toward the back of the park and started to exit. 

We walked the five to six blocks south to Jackson, then turned east and walked about twenty-one blocks to Federal Plaza.

Along the way we chanted, listened to music, interacted with the few bystanders we saw, and looked at signs and the sights.

I love this picture.  🙂

At first, the police were stationed one or two to a block, dressed in regular uniforms.  Then when we got to Sears Tower, things intensified.

There were several police in riot gear on each block now, along with uniformed officers.  Some were in a parade rest position, others were leaning against the building they were ‘guarding’.  Some were intimidating, others were not.

As we passed a cross street, dms pointed out that there were 7 multi-horse trailers there. 

And lo and behold.

But again, some were intimidating.

Others were not.

They were clearly there to keep things safe, in my point of view.  Thank goodness, because if they had been there for other reasons, the day would have ended badly.

By this time, I was pretty exhausted.  dms and I stood and listened to a few speakers, and then he had to leave.  And I figured that was my cue to leave too (and I *really* needed to find some water, soon.) 

I made my way north, past many, many police and other protesters, and turned west back toward Union Station.

It was a great day.  Sorry again to Got a Grip – let’s set up something soon, ok?  And thanks again to dms & to Jeff Z (of the DuPage Duo) and to Dave the photographer guy.  I hope you each had a great day too.

Here are the report from the local media (which includes a video, but may need registration), and one from the national media.  The local media report includes information about the only arrests of the day – prior to the march.


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  1. Next rally, I want a flag.

    • Alma on October 28, 2007 at 19:43

    Thank You!

  2. We had a small demonstration in Minneapolis(a few hundred). I’m glad to receive your report.

    I saw that bright orange backpack and scarf — I thought it was for Halloweeen. We had some signs in our even that were with the Halloween theme in mind.

    • KrisC on October 28, 2007 at 20:14

    taking pictures?  Is that to identify… problematic protesters?

    Thank you so much for taking such wonderful photos and sharing them with us…

    You rock sheddhead!

  3. inspiring for those of us who couldn’t be there.


    linked to your Kos diary, sheddhead.

    Well done and thank you!

  4. and all the wonderful pictures.  I, too, was at the rally (Federal Plaza) and hope to add a little something on the rally today.

  5. Thanks for the great photos.  But nothing can erase from my mind that we, nationwide, were only about 5/100s of 1% of the population of the U.S. — Nothing more than a paltry focus group.  If we wish to win this battle, we must find new techniques to bring out enough people so we will be more than merely the “Good Americans” of the early 21st century.

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