Bring me mah hammer, Maudie!

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    We promise to leave yer neighbors alone if you end the killing!

    • KrisC on October 11, 2007 at 00:04

    my diary last week…
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    How’d you like to be on top of that scaffolding on top of the rock? 
    Thousands of feet in the air…no thanks!

  2. outside.  They probably don’t even have a sidewalk.  As long as they aren’t in front of Nancy’s house, it causes her no outrage.  It might get through to her if people, who had been bombed from their homes, slept in her yard and hung their clothes on her bushes.  Maybe, a woman and her children, could come and camp out, after their father went missing in the night.  If she has something more important on her mind, I would like to hear her explain it to them.

  3. her for all her good work.


    Naw, her staffers won’t like it much.

    I called her a disgrace and told her that the Dem leadership is absolutely wrecking the party and alienating its base.

    Fuck ’em.

    Hey, Nancy.  Guess what?

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  4. quick & dirty effort … my work PC doesn’t have Photoshop … and I am supposed to be working!

  5. people were camping outside her house until a few days ago.  I think it’s fucking hilarious!  The giant Buddha?  Priceless.

    I find it especially funny because a few weeks ago I wrote this in a diary about the importance of physically protesting.

    “It’s easy to ignore 100,000 people joined together at DailyKos.  You just don’t visit the site.  It’s optional. 

    Now, 100,000 people outside your house for a couple days.  That you can’t miss, and I guarantee you don’t forget it.”


    This picture totally made my day!

  6. There is a koan? anecdote? cute saying?

    A child was given a lump of clay to play with.

    Someone asked her what she was going to do with the clay she was given.

    She said “build a buddha.”


    Always liked that one!

    • oculus on October 11, 2007 at 00:56

    until I get home tonight.  Oh, the anticipation.  What hath Buhdy wrought?

  7. Do you like my pecs?

    Full set available in lossless format here

    ALO is a San Francisco band with some great tunes…which are on this show as well (“Welcome to my Bar-b-cue, where we roast up the dreams that never came true…”), and “Waiting for Jaden”, a touching song about the birth of one of the band-members’ kids…I seriously recommend giving it a listen.

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