Big surprise

I verbalized some concerns that Pete Stark would somehow end up apologizing for remarks that we were all cheering on. Here is what I said.

My why is simple: when will I learn? I knew Stark was going to qualify himself, Dems have been doing it consistently. Naturally, he just handed the Republicans a chance to blather about troops.

I sit better to be silent or to make public comments and then boo hoo about the regret about any pain or shame it might have caused? Every time a Dem apologizes after attacking the occupation or policies directed at maintaining the status quo there, they lose credibility to make critiques about the occupation of Iraq. I don’t even want to listen when I know they don’t even mean it. How can the American public take them seriously as a group who will offer up alternatives to foreign policy and domestic polices when they back peddle as a strategy? They aren’t stupid, they can recognize a shell game when they see it. When a con is good and you’re had, you can in the aftermath express grudging admiration for the play even as you resent it. This con is just a third rate one. Give us your votes and we will represent another voice. Where is the voice? Why is it so tremulous? Should I just plug up my ears and shout: Lalalalala…..


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  1. Too short and whiny…..

    • pfiore8 on October 24, 2007 at 4:27 am

    it’s just shit

    i can’t even be articulate because it’s really shit

    i’ve even brought the pony party to talking about blow jobs… now, that is something

    cause what else is there to say

  2. They are acting exactly like the victims of schoolyard bullies.

    And we think the BLOGS are like High School!

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