Soon to be Orange

No accountability, no Rule of Law….hell, no law. Retroactively immunizing themselves and their accomplices from any consequences of their illegal acts, pardoning those who are caught. Creating private armies to subvert Congress’s powers while blatantly flipping off any who issue subpoenas.

Directly defying the will of Congress.

Directly defying the Will of The People.

Threatening World War Three.

Joking about staying in power

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And when will the only body with the power to stop them…..stop them?

The Bush ‘administration’ and the Republican ‘government’ is run amok.

They are using politics to defend their ideology, they care not for the consequences of their actions which are dictated solely by a belief system. Their failed belief system. A belief system that has failed the whole world and plunged it into chaos and war.

This is not politics as usual, this a form of madness born from an illusion of how  a few people WISH the world was….wedded to an entirely amoral use of power to eliminate any constraints on their cronies and business partners growing obscenely rich while children starve and die with no medical care.

Is Congress finally, after seven long years, waking up? Do they finally realize that this is not business, or even the dirty business of politics as usual? That there is something WRONG here?

Or is Dodd just a hero of the moment…and Pelosi merely mouthing platitudes to pacify The Base? Does Pete Stark really get it….and can he convince others? Is this the beginnings of pushback? Finally?

Our treasury looted, our blood spilt, our nation sold out from under us and our grandchildren in debt to China and the Saudis, all in order to facilitate the greed of a tiny minority, all to a failed and ridiculous ideology, all to foster and maintain the illusion of white Christian superiority, all to profit the very few at the expense of the whole world.

Who KNOWS what they will do in the year and change they have left.

The Republicans have run amok.

The Democrats in Congress have the power to stop them.

Will they wake up in time?


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  2. being ruled by children.  It’s pretty “Lord of the Flies.”

  3. actually having had enough and breaking the thundering procedural silence will either wake them up or shame them up. I don’t know but it’s sure going to make for an interesting upcoming week. Bush’s speech was alarming to even the lap dog press. KO questioned his sanity,and grasp on reality, perhaps this will help tip the balance, throw in the new polling numbers for congress and maybe even the most corrupt will have to think twice about further enabling and empowering. 

  4. for storming the Bastille, and I hope there is a good coffee shop nearby, because making revolution without caffine is rather painful.

  5. Amok is right.  F’ing congress can’t over ride a veto of health benefits for children, “family values”.  Congress is, probably, going to ok another torture enabler for Attorney General.  Congress can not wake up.  They are not asleep, they are in a coma.

    • MO Blue on October 19, 2007 at 03:35

    Reid says standing up to Bush is not allowed.

    Tim Starks of Congressional Quarterly reports that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) plans to bring the Senate’s surveillance bill up for floor debate in mid-November. That’s despite the hold that Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) plans to place on the measure — something first reported by Election Central’s Greg Sargent. [http://www.tpmmuckra…]

  6. you have a great heart, the courage of a leader…  there is this one thing where we differ.

    To quote you:  “The Democrats in Congress have the power to stop them.”

    From about the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution on, I would counter that Congress has incrementally been abdicating its power.  SCOTUS too.  Why?  The gleaming greed of the globalists’ lust?  Trading their imprimatur for a share of the spoils?

    This is the litigious shell game the administration plays, like with the Patriot Acts, whereby they set up the legalistic snare.  I have read opinions that 1) presidential declaration of emergency in concert with 2) the Patriot Acts (remember the scene where Moore rented the ice cream truck to read it aloud to them?), the entire legal landscape has become disfigured.  In the state of national emergency, something called “crisis Constitution” kicks in, which historically has trumped the Constitution in SCOTUS’ eyes over the past century.  For the LP version please see this ( http://www.dailykos….  – just noticed that I put that diary up on the last birthday of my Mom’s life… never mind).

    I’m suggesting that Congress has expediently made itself into one huge collective sock puppet.  And are well-paid for the stunt.

    Anyway if you care to look at that diary and explain to me where I/my primary source got it wrong, I am willing to listen.

    The one thing they could have done is refuse to extend the presidential declaration of national emergency (a prelude to martial law) and they did not.

    I am of what may be a wire-thin minority who see Congress as more criminal in their complicity than the runaway executive branch.  Much more, because they dissemble and yet soak the electorate for funds to re-elect themselves.

    To quote what was quoted by Cassiodorus, said by some unknown source:

    “they’re not blind: they’re evil.  They see just fine.”

    Would that mere sleep were their only problem.

    • documel on October 19, 2007 at 03:51

    Until the media distinguishes between fact and fiction, Dems will react to the threat of being Swift Boated.  The FCC is about to allow more media concentration–which means more bullshit sent to the masses–and more chicken shit Dems.

  7. a rather large group in both parties is a apart of something else which has “run amok”…

    personally I keep percieving a larger pattern…

    I believe in both parties there is a small group of individuals which are not coopted….

    but in the main both parties are entrained to a driving dynamic….

    that dynamic is capital/wealth formation….

    I am not convinced there is anyone there to come to their senses so to speak….

  8. Amok is a disorder that occurs in New Guinea men, usually between the ages of 25 and 35. It causes them to have episodes wherein they run around, attack people, and destroy property. Following these outbursts, they generally have no memory of the events that have occurred. Amok typically occurs in men who are suffering from some form of depression. It is only one of many culture-specific disorders; others include pibloktoq, arctic hysteria, saka, and even anorexia nervosa. Some of these disorders may also be specific to a particular gender.

    It seems to be cultually specific to Republicans in this case.

    some anthro site

  9. white dragon, china white, etc.  Scientists are trying to figure out the reason that dragons appear in cultures around the globe.

    One of the most interesting takes on the subject is that dragons contain things that humans should be wary of in general, fangs, claws, serpentine movements, foul odors, fire,  so a dragon was an embodiment of human fear and could be used as a lesson for young ones without the young ones realizing that they were bing taught a lesson in survival.

    I believe that the dragon also represented opiated, altered, realities which lend themselves to story telling and fantasy.

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