Your Morning Commute: The Backyard

While most Americans are commuting in the morning to work, I am coming home from work. I get home in time for the morning shows and while they seem to offer a friendly, perky start for many people, I am not one of them. Morning shows make me cringe and start grinding my teeth. Grinding my teeth has cost me some extra money at the dentist. He’s happy about it because he has kids in college. If you have an issue with bruxism (the grinding of teeth, either when you’re awake or asleep) and it’s starting to cause you pain in your jaw and gums you’ll want to go to a dental service such as this Dentist Healdsburg office, but local to you, to see if they’re able to help you stop your case of bruxism.

I think the concept that we are supposed to start our day raring to go is largely an invention of capitalism. You have to be productive, fresh, full of eagerness or you aren’t seem as a valuable team member. I get up early in the morning even on my days off and I hang with the dogs and catch BBC world news.
This is my idea of morning TV, no corporate sponsors.










Technically, the last two photos were not taken in the backyard. The spider is making her home at our back door, we we aren’t using it because she will live long enough to reproduce which is only a few months. The vultures were born in what was the original house on the property where we now keep the tractor. The larger one can fly a little bit and the smaller one I worry about. They aren’t keen with us but grudgingly accept the occasional treat of roadkill.

Hope you enjoyed looking.


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    • pfiore8 on September 4, 2007 at 21:17

    oh… life can be so lovely… so unburdened with the debris of anxiety, worry… waiting

    a spider’s beautiful web!

    love this diary…………………………….

  1. My husband person calls them that but is that really the lingo for them?  One built a web from a tree to my car last week and I had to destroy it to pick up my son from school.  The spider chose to hitch to the car instead of the tree.  I figured that would be the end of him/her but I watched him/her in the side mirror and he/she hung on all the way to the school and lost me fast when I came to a stop.  When I lived in Colorado and Wyoming I always considered seeing wild turkeys a moment of being touched by the Gods because they are more scarce there and more human avoiding.  I have horrible allergies and asthma living in the South but then I also have these many mornings when I feel stunned and certain that I’ve been touched by the Gods seeing a gang of turkeys on the side of the road.

    • LoE on September 5, 2007 at 05:31

    Anyplace it gets hot during the day tends to have a siesta time.  A lot of subsistence activities – agriculture, hunting, etc. more or less require being on the ground at first light.

    This thing’s been blooming here this week.  (Datura/Jimson Weed/belladonna):

    This stuff musta washed in with the irrigation water.  It’s Chicory, and not only does it make good tea, it’s also one of those things that helps move towards the “wild meadow” look.  A tough thing to manufacture.

    I wish I knew how to tell when these are ripe.  I’ve only been at this orcharding less than a decade, and there’s a lot I still don’t know!  (This is the first year I’ve had apples – they’re less precocious than the stone fruits.)

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