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“Blessed Be this kitchen of Air, Fire, Water and Earth
Be warmed by the Sacred light of the Goddess

May all that is Created here by means both Magickal and mundane bring nourishment,healing and sustenance,
and cause harm to none.
With love and peace,with joy and Magick,
be now and always filled.
So let it be!”

~source unknown >>

My kitchen is the soul of my home, I make meals for my family here, it is my “chi”.  Chi/prana/life force permeates everything in our world: the soil, water, fire, and air.  According to Taoist teacher Mantak Chia, “Chi is the glue between our body, mind, and spirit, the link between our perception of the inner and outer worlds.” Everything we touch, including food and the type of energy we convey to the food when we cook depends entirely on our attitude.  When we keep our attitude pure, our cooking experience actually approaches the Devine.  When this energy is consumed by my children, they are filled with good energy.

One of my favorite cook books is “The Sacred Kitchen”, it is an inspiring, deeply moving tome that speaks to me in a very subliminal manner.  It has changed my manner from being a slave in the kitchen to a kitchen goddess.  I thank goddess every time I refer to it for inspiration.

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My kitchen is a mystical place, a kind of temple for me.  It is a place where the surfaces seem to have significance, where the sounds and odors carry meaning that transfers from the past and bridges to the future.

Pearl Bailey, “Pearl’s Kitchen”

So what’s for dinner tonight?  I’m sick and tired of pizza, I’m sure many of us are after the last week of being glued to all the “Dharma-ness” flying around on the computer these days…..

Please nourish yourselves well, we have many ideas to throw around, many feats to accomplish.  Then come back and chew the proverbial fat……

Tonight at our house- Baked ham steak with pineapple.  Brown rice.  Organic asparagus!  And boy does it smell delicious!

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    • KrisC on September 19, 2007 at 00:09

    Blessing for a Meal

    Great Spirit,
    We thank you for the gifts of this food.
    We send blessings of peace, love, and release to all whose bodies and
    energies went into bringing us this nourishment.
    We honor you in our enjoyment and utilization of this meal.
    May it bring us health and joy.
    Reminding us of our interconnections with All That Is.
    As we receive, so do we give back
    And give thanks for this gift in the Cycle of Life.
    Younger children:
    Thank you, Great Spirit
    Thank you, chicken and peas and milk (other foods)
    Thank you, Mother Earth
    We love this food.
    When you cook for another, you are giving health and pleasure. Always
    cook with love and it will be received with love.

    Author Unknown

  1. green beans and whatever rice is at hand is the chow I am about to make.

    I also finally got around to buying a “real wok”, so once I season that, I am going to break it in.

    • ab ovo on September 19, 2007 at 02:06

    and they are not made with fish sticks or deep fried fish!  It is a baked light fish (for example halibut) on a warmed tortilla with a lime/mayo dressing (apply lightly!) with green chili salsa, cabbage tossed in lime and cojita cheese and a touch of cilantro.  Very tasty!

    • mango on September 19, 2007 at 02:59

    I just moved back home after fifteen days because of a horrible flood.  I lost all my food and guess I need to shop.  Getting the computer hooked up was the priority though.
    No signal on the satellite so I am enjoying Al Green.

    • fatdave on September 19, 2007 at 04:38

    constantly moving goalposts of the National Health Service and Mrs fd’s vital role as a cog in it’s gearbox I ate alone tonight.

    ” Time for some real home cooking!” I cried, as I made the bag of frozen scampi ouvert and transferred them deftly to a baking tray. ” Vrai chef?” I asked myself, consigning them to the oven and “Bon!” I replied upon placing 3 vegetable spring rolls alongside to keep them company. The black Tom and the white Tom looked at each other, noded and a double cat flap thwack rent the air.

    Next time she’s late at the office and they send out for food, I’m having Chicken Dippers en Sauce des Tomates dans un squeezy bouteille. That’ll show ’em – with their fancy office aircon.

  2. one of those frozen then heat things from Trader Joes. It was kind of tasty, but not as good as real Lasagne.

    Mr. Cat forgot to take out the ground beef from the freezer so stuffed Anaheim Chiles have been postponed until tomorrow night!

  3. now we eat out too much. I am spoiled by the cuisine in the SF Bay area.  We also get the freshest fruits & veggies from the Central Valley as well as great seafood.  So it is a blessing to have it all. 

    I believe that the loving intention brought to a meal makes a huge difference.  When I’m busy and distracted the food doesn’t taste as good and my husband notices it too.  I will look for that Sacred Kitchen cookbook. Nice essay… Thanks KC.

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