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How many iterations have there been of this, my now favorite theme: The Democrats are afraid of looking weak… of being perceived as weak… they don’t want to look anti-military… they don’t want to be perceived as weak on defense… not a week goes by that Democrats aren’t using the we’re afraid we’ll look weak defense.”


Let me break it down for you.

They are afraid of looking like they’re afraid. They actually use fear of being perceived as fearful to defend their abysmal lack of action on reinstating our Constitution.

The Dems are afraid of using muscle. They are afraid of action. They are even afraid of perception. The Dems are very polite, even when they writer angry letters, the tone is collegial.

How about if I provide you all on Capitol Hill with some some muscular numbers on, well, let’s pick Iraq, Armando’s daily drumbeat:

– almost 4,000 Americans dead
– almost 28,000 Americans wounded
– tens of thousands of Iraqis dead or wounded
– widows, widowers, orphans, people displaced and made homeless

And the cost of all this death and destruction… the amount of money to buy all of this horror:

and counting…

Everybody keeps asking why you don’t DO anything meaningful or muscular. Well, for me, it pretty much boils down to two things: either you’re corrupt or you’re inept.

Oh, and I forgot, you’re afraid.

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    • pfiore8 on September 7, 2007 at 23:52


  1. is to be strong.

    or am i just that stupid???  😉

  2. Unless more compelling content bumps you.  Tending optional.

    • pfiore8 on September 8, 2007 at 02:08

    hey… from what you know about me, and if you were the manager of the team, where would you put me in the field? or maybe you’d keep me in the dugout…

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