The House of Wisdom

Most of the younger detainees are held in a facility that the military calls the “House of Wisdom.”

The House of Wisdom is a prison for kids.

The U.S. military has introduced “religious enlightenment” and other education programs for Iraqi detainees, some of whom are as young as 11, Marine Maj. Gen. Douglas M. Stone, the commander of U.S. detention facilities in Iraq, said yesterday.

Our Prison.

For kids.

To teach them the wisdom of submission.

Stone said such efforts, aimed mainly at Iraqis who have been held for more than a year, are intended to “bend them back to our will” and are part of waging war in what he called “the battlefield of the mind.”

Submission is Freedom.

The crimes of the United States of America in the last six years alone are something which we’ll never atone nor recover.

What is happening in the world today is the death knell of Empire. And Empire just can’t believe it’s true. So we take kids who throw stones at armored Humvees and throw them in the House of Wisdom to knock some sense into them.

We teach them wisdom: Hate is Love.

The 25,000 detainees now being held in U.S. facilities in Iraq include more than 820 juveniles, Stone said, most of whom are held in the House of Wisdom, which opened last month and is located at the Camp Victory military base near Baghdad’s airport. He said that six additional young people had been sent to him just yesterday, and that “the trend is towards the youth.”

Any Madison Avenue maven could have told the good General that.

I imagine to Iraqis, Americans are like the aliens in War of the Worlds. And to resist is the highest calling a patriot musters. Nobody likes an invader. They kill your dad, rape your mom and make you a slave. They take away your rebel comic books and spray their bullets like apple seeds and plant broken hearts in the blood soaked ground. They make promises they don’t keep and blame it on you. Everything they do is for your own good and what’s good for you is what’s best for them.

Invaders teach the culinary simmering of hate and the sublime art of resistance.

My favorite philosopher, George W. Bush, says God, HIMSELF, gave every single human being a gift – the right to be free. The Philosopher King says it all the time. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom.

I suppose that’s how it works in the House of Wisdom. You sing the virtues of liberty and happiness in a House of bars and chains. You praise the family and the Father in a House where eleven year olds are deprived of the Mother. You promise freedom for submission. That is the genius. Wisdom is Surrender.

And the kid, after he complies and promises never to throw stones again, with threat of harsher punishment should he break his promise, is released to the open arms of his Mother in an occupied land of barbed wire, roadblocks, checkpoints, prisons and torture centers.

Other elements of Stone’s program are being developed. He said he has created a “transition-out barracks” where detainees being released discuss civics and human rights. He has also begun a “huge, expensive” Rand Corp. research study on detainee motivation and morale and has plans for a major communication campaign.

Slaves discuss freedom under the watchful eyes of their masters and they called it Democracy.

Wisdom is Submission

Submission is Freedom

And the Great Satan runs the House of Wisdom for wayward kids.

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  1. We have equivalents right here as well.  It’s interesting in that as the Iraqi children are exposed to the blood of combat, American children are exposed to the parallel messages of compliance in patriotic, religious ideology as citizenship and that immigrants are lesser “others”.

    There are families ripped apart here, too. And children who are bereft of love and nurturing – and true freedom and liberty – to be left alone from harassers, from war mongers and from rapists and thieves.

    • gottlieb on September 19, 2007 at 17:32
    • Diane G on September 19, 2007 at 21:35

    was speechlessness.

    My second is “boarding schools for native american children”.

    Same same, conquering motherf**kers, we never learn from our hideous past do we?

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