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So, some of you may know that every once in a while, I throw up a diary on Daily Kos called “Quotes for Discussion”.  Sometimes the quote is from a play or a book, sometimes it is from the news or from history, and sometimes it is just the lyrics to a song or a bit from a comedian.

Anyways, I was thinking of doing it more regularly as a feature here.  But does anyone at all besides me have an interest in that?

For your pleasure, here’s the lyrics to my song of the week, “Naomi” by the great Neutral Milk Hotel:

Your prettiness is seeping through
Out from the dress I took from you, so pretty
And my emptiness is swollen shut always
Always a wretch i have become
So empty, please don’t leave me

I’m watching Naomi, full bloom
I’m hoping she will soon explode
Into one billion tastes and tunes
One billion angels come and hold her down
They hold her down until she cries

I’m tasting Naomi’s perfume
It tastes like shit and I must say
She comes and goes most afternoons
One billion lovers wave and love her now
They could love her now and so could I

There is no Naomi in view
She walks through Cambridge stocks and strolls
And if she only really knew
One billion angels could come and save her soul
They could save her soul until she shines

So pretty


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    • Turkana on September 5, 2007 at 09:00

    of springsteen’s point blank.

    and of the first great love of my life…

    • pico on September 5, 2007 at 20:18

    but I’m not sure I have anything to offer for this quote.  Keep em coming, though.

  1. I love reading people’s interpretations of things.  I went to a place called rhapsody and listened to the song a couple of times.  It’s a cool song but has a depressing edge.  It made me think about a conversation that I had with my daughter this afternoon about the neediness of the men in our lives.  Does a man ever love a woman he doesn’t feel like he needs, that he has moments where he pines for her and maybe even hates because of this need?  My daughter is so much like me it sort of scares me because she gets annoyed at the man in her life’s neediness and at times I have also felt that way.  There are times I feel like there are a million things to tend to and life is walking right past me and he wants to snuggle……what is this snuggle thing?  We talked about how in relationships sometimes you need to snuggle the people you love even if snuggling is hardly your high point of the day.  She is four and a half months pregnant and as it goes with your first baby you can already see and feel the baby move.  I was finishing school when I was pregnant with her…..was twenty four years old and everytime the desk would dig into my tummy she would kick wildly.  After she was born she could not stand bed clothes, pajamas, everything was binding and all of her summer baby pictures are of her sleeping stretched out on a blanket in only a diaper.  She tells me that if I want to feel the baby kick all I need to do is invade its space, I did it and was rewarded with a nice kick…..so much like she was.  My son wasn’t like that at all but he is all snuggly like his father.  Was I like my daughter in the womb?  My mother isn’t here for me to ask.  Are soulful men destined to love wildly kicking women?  Are wild women destined to love solid men, earthbound men?

  2. I think that the “Neutral Milk Hotel” tag gets overused on this site.

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