Pony Party, the Help Desk(s)

this vid purports to have been made in response to the ‘medieval help desk’ vid below…
poetry help desk…

there are a lot of versions of this one available on youtube, but the texts are basically the same.  there are versions with larger-print subtitles if you’d prefer, but the resolution isnt as good, so there’s that….
medieval help desk…..

saving the best for last, imo…though ill admit it’s exponentially funnier if youve seen the movie…
star wars help desk…

Please don’t feed the ponies!!

Without further ado, the floor is yours….



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  1. from Yahoo!News

    With three games to go, seven teams were fighting for the National League’s four playoff spots.

    Philadelphia tied the New York Mets for the NL East lead for the first time since the season began, the Chicago Cubs held a two-game lead over Milwaukee in the NL Central and Arizona was one game in front of San Diego and two ahead of Colorado in the NL West.

    San Diego is currently in the wildcard slot, with the NY Mets, Colorado, and Philadelphia in a three-way tie, each one game back.  wildcard standings

    In the American League, the spots are determined, but wont be seeded until the final standings in the AL east, where the Yankees are 2 games behind Boston.  regular standings

  2. My fanatasy teams are almost all drafted. I have a limping dog or two in that bunch. But I did manage to snag Sidney Crosby in a yahoo league which might offset my crap goalies. Every year I draft one major star who ends up with a big injury.

  3. My team with Crosby has sucky goalies.

    If Gaborik and Nash do not get injured, this team might be alright.

    This one seems solid.

    As does this one.

    However, I have won my yahoo league a few times with what looked like bad teams and come in last with what looked like good teams.

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