Pony Party, Happy (belated) Birthday Sam!!

  Believed to be born on September 26, 1722 (though other sources use Sept 16th), Samuel Adams lived his entire life in Boston, Massachusetts.  He died on October 2, 1803, in a state and a country which he helped to create.

Samuel Adams is one of your ‘Founding Fathers’.  Leader, activist, brewer. 


“Without the character of Samuel Adams, the true history of the American Revolution can never be written. For fifty years his pen, his tongue, his activity, were constantly exerted for his country without fee or reward.”~ John Adams

Random facts:

~Considered one of the organizers of The Boston Tea Party*.

~Member of the First and Second Constitutional Congresses.

~Signer of the Declaration of Independance.

~Supporter of the Articles of Confederation, and remained a supporter of decentralized government.

~Originally opposed the U.S. Constitution as granting too much power to a central government; eventually supported it with the Bill of Rights included.

~3rd Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, under Governor John Hancock (1789-1793).

~4th Governor of Massachusetts (10/08/93-06/02/97), succeeding Hancock after his death in 1793.

* I have often acknowledged that my history education was incomplete and at times incorrect.  Further, I have read no two accounts of the Boston Tea Party that agree on many, if any, ‘facts’.  The link is to Wikipedia, take it up with them…  😉

I am sure most of you know more about Samuel Adams, the Constitutional Congresses, and the Boston Tea Party than I.  Feel free to correct or add information….

Please don’t feed the ponies!!

Without further ado, the floor is yours…



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  1. im completely prepared to be ‘schooled’ on any- and everything i posted here…

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    • fatdave on September 27, 2007 at 17:54

    Happy Birthday indeed Mr Adams. Shall I be mother?

    • KrisC on September 27, 2007 at 18:05

    a good brew…..!

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    Good Morning everybody, not much time to blog this past week, will be around soon tho!

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