PONY PARTY… a little bit raw

I have to share some of what happened last night whilst writing in the raw

This is from fatdave. and every time i read it, it blows me away.

I stared at where the ripples spread

and waited for you to rise and rise you did. Not where I had anticipated , but calling and waving joyfully from the island across the blackshine. I chuckled at your triumph and the chestnuts shook their overhanging arms to let you know they’d seen your feat, a fog of woody specklets settled still and silent on the taut skin of the dark water. Leaning back onto and into the jettypost I thought of bygone waters. Deeper than any pit I ever stumbled through – my soul darkening to match the surroundings. Dharma Chameleon. Colder than the ice which forms in our hearts sometimes if we let it – and it’s getting easier these days. Where dwells the ancient monster fish of memory and snaps from nowhere. And I think of Paris. Not the one in France. The one which at it’s every accidental waft puts a sting in my eyes. Where no sting ought to be.And because it’s an open thread, I don’t actually need to be here with you.


it’s pfiore8 with you at noon… pULease: don’t rec the pony party… do talk, play, have a laugh, shed a tear, and remember to be excellent to each other.

take action: Iraq Moratorium Day… remember the despair, death, and destruction… be vigilant against those who continue to promote it… speak up… stand up


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    • pfiore8 on September 21, 2007 at 18:09

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    • pfiore8 on September 21, 2007 at 18:14

    picture of the bus to OTB… there is something about the stuff he does that works…

  1. FYI for anyone who knows of someone who might be eligible:

    Minneapolis, Minn.: HHS’ Indian Health Services since 2002 has provided funding for a scholarship program in Minneapolis that helps American Indians/Alaskan Natives pursue master’s degrees in nursing, Indian Country Today reports. The program, Native Nurses Career Opportunity Program, is the only one of its kind. The program covers tuition, travel, a monthly stipend, books and fees, Margaret Moss, the program’s director, said. Most of the curriculum is online, but several face-to-face meetings with faculty are required each semester. Expenses incurred for such visits are covered under the scholarship. American Indian/Alaskan Natives nurses are given preference, but anyone practicing nursing among the American Indian population is eligible. Participants must commit to two to four years of work for IHS (Lee, Indian Country Today, 9/19).

    • fatdave on September 21, 2007 at 18:53

    I got a promotion. Thanks pf. I am writing to David Miliband – the Foreign Secratary today to ask him to be very stern with the White House people when he talks to them. I don’t know how much notice they’ll take – he doesn’t project the authority of a man whose chads have fallen, so to speak.

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