Obama on Iraq: No Funding Without Timelines

Via Kos:

“We are going to bring an end to this war and I will fight hard in the United States Senate to make sure we don’t pass any funding bill that does not have a deadline,” Obama told the crowd.

Big props to Senator Obama. Hurrah!


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    • Armando on September 17, 2007 at 03:23

    with a big development.

    I am for Dodd but hurrah for Obama on this.

  1. cause Levin, Reid and Pelosi will allow it whether he fights or not.

    Guess it’s the definition of “fight” that I’m skeptical about. I just expect a little lip action and little else.

  2. Good for him.

  3. good on obama (and yes indeed, armando: props to dodd for being right on this well before today).

  4. Now how will that translate into something meaningful? Rhetoric is worthless.

    I’m curious to understand why people think the congress, given the partisan divide, has the ability to affect the process of this war.

    • robodd on September 17, 2007 at 04:54

    He needs to show some real leadership.  And if it fails, he needs to have a real plan he promises to keep if he becomes president.

  5. sorry for the dodd hijack. I got caught up in it and forgot the diary was about Obama.

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