Not Funding The Iraq Debacle

Direct from the The Great Orange Satan:

Heck, I'd be happy if just the Democrats would follow their words with action this Magical September. We don't need Republicans to follow suit.

Republicans need 60 votes in the Senate to pass any funding bills, while Democrats can single-handedly squash any efforts in the House. If Republicans don't compromise on a withdrawal timetable, there's no impetus to pass a funding bill.

And without funding, there's no war.

Way to make me look dumb, Kos. And shut me up quick. I thank you for it.



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    • Turkana on September 4, 2007 at 11:37 pm
  1. Frankly it doesn’t encourage me much.

    If we couldn’t win this on the supplemental, I don’t think we can win it now.

    Conditions have not improved, more of the leadership shows signs of waffling and self delusion.

    And at 3% approval, disaffection with Democratic powerlessness is already taking an electoral toll.

  2. At least he is getting the sheeple stampeding in the right direction.

    The day and age of anarchist free movement is quickly coming to a close over there.

  3. there are an awful lot of ‘ifs’ in that quote…..

    keep on keepin’ on….

  4. that I was the last to learn about this place?!

  5. I’d love to think that Democrats had enough courage to simply say “No more money!” to Bush and the Republicans.  Sadly, nothing since last November has shown me they have this capacity.

    Neither have they used my pet idea, using pay-go to make Bush give up his tax cuts for the wealthy to pay for his war.  I would do this retroactively myself, to avoid giving implicit approval to further war funding.  But I don’t think the leadership has the gonads to use pay-go in any way on the war.

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