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Love the concept of two diaries per day – rather than add this to the long essay I posted last night, I can now publish another.  Very cool, Buhdy and crew!

Anyway, just received this in an email from a friend and constituent of Nadler re the Gonzales resignation.  He received it from Nadler’s office today.  Hmmm, wonder if he knew we were talking about him?  😉

Check out his closing statement.

Dear XXXXX: 

Thank you for informing me of your desire to have Attorney General Alberto Gonzales removed from office.  I appreciate you taking the time to share your views.

  There is no question that Attorney General Gonzales has shown great disregard for the rule of law.  Furthermore, his tenure has displayed a fundamental lack of respect for the oversight responsibilities of Congress.  For example, when called to testify about the Department of Justice surveillance activities, Mr. Gonzales assured Congress that no civil liberty abuses had occurred under the PATRIOT Act.  We now know that he was aware of several such instances.  We must also never forget that it was Attorney General Gonzales who wrote the early justifications for the Bush Administration’s undermining of the Geneva Conventions, allowing torture, rendition, and indefinite detention to exist under the color of law.  For these reasons, I have long demanded his resignation.  I am pleased that on August 27, 2007 Attorney General Gonzales decided to step down.

  It is important that Mr. Gonzales not become the sacrificial lamb of the White House.  The resignation of this Attorney General does not absolve the Bush Administration of its various abuses of power.  Investigations must still continue into the actions of a Department of Justice that is riddled with scandal.  To that end, I continue to call for a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Attorney General and, specifically, the false statements made to Congress and the other apparent criminal violations by those in the Executive Branch conducting the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping program.  Those entrusted with enforcing our nation’s laws must also abide by them.

  Thank you again for conveying your views.  Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I may be of assistance on this or any other matter of concern.


Member of Congress

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