Let’s Introduce Ourselves

I know that many of you “know” each other from your various on-line participation. But I don’t know most of you and I’ll bet there are others like me out there who want to participate, but don’t feel comfortable yet because they feel like outsiders. So, I’d like to introduce myself a bit and then ask you to do the same in the comments. You can decide what you want others to know about you and what needs to stay private.

My signature says one thing about me. Yes, I live in St. Paul, MN and I still miss Paul and Sheila Wellstone.

I was raised mostly in the south in a family that thought southern baptists were backsliders. My father was an original card-carrying member of the so-called moral majority. It wasn’t until my early 30’s that I totally healed from all that, and the politics was the first thing to go. The spiritual part took a bit longer to heal.

For the last 30 years I have worked in various capacities with troubled young people and their families. That is my passion. Right now I am the executive director of a small non-profit who’s mission is “To work with families and the community to re-direct youth who are starting to get in trouble at home, at school or with the law.” Politically, this ties in with a couple of my major concerns: our crumbling urban areas and racism.

So, that’s a bit about me. I’d like to meet you. Say as much or as little as you like. Its really not that hard – so jump right in the water’s fine and the ponies are sure to show up.


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  1. Undercovercalico, semi-irreverent generalist, owned by two dogs, three cats, tolerated by vaguely bemused spouse,RN, Saturday Pony Party practitioner, digs music, movies, hockey, country pseudo redneck life, taking pictures, waxing non-poetically about life.

  2. Criminal defense attorney.  Cat-owned.  That about sums it up.

  3. … grew up in the midwest, moved to NYC in ’81, lived in Manhattan till 2003, now living in Astoria, Queens.

    Legal secretary for a zillion years, before that was a typesetter.

    Brought up by anarchist father and traditional mother, started reading at early age, started writing at 13, 2 years of college, dropped out to live the life fantastic (midwest demimonde of misfits), always keen on philosophy, justice and truth, etc. though not overtly political until the 2000 stolen election.

    Married a jazz musician, lasted 15 years, realized I didn’t like the institution of marriage, now divorced but still friends.  Wrote lyrics for lots of jazz musicians and have probably earned a whole $200 or so in royalties (rich!  I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams!).

    I guess that’s more than enough.

  4. Used to be a real farmer, but went broke, then to grad school. Army veteran, still somewhat reserved in my writings here and elsewhere on the web ( except for a few meltdowns).

    Grew up in the south during the turbulent ’60s. Worked in newspapers and radio while a teen. I am a rarity, an old-fashioned southern liberal.

    I consider myself very progressive on issues affecting the working person– unions, tariffs, ‘free’ trade, for example. I’m a supporter of the military. That’s why i want to bring them home. You’ll often see mme reply in defense of the military when I think it has been maligned without reason.

    However, my pet passion is social justice. I grew up listening to Dr. King and Abernathy and a host of less-famous civil rights activists.

    I make a lot of jokey or snarky comments, but don’t think I’m a lightweight. I am passionate about issues, yet passion often means silence and activity to me.

    I teach, so I have developed a thick skin toward being called an idiot.

    If I can answer anything else, let me know.

    Oh, and while Armando will tout his Florida Gators (and with reason), I support the Auburn Tigers. War Eagle!

    • vigkat on September 18, 2007 at 02:55

    attorney in San Francisco, looking forward to retirement, fairly radical in my outlook (a requirement in SF), impatient, sometimes cranky, loyal and fair, kind and generous, but unforgiving when someone violates trust or betrays me.  I’m playful, love to dance, try to power walk every morning (love my iPod), definitely averse to authoritarianism. 

  5. I’m a (sob, gasp) middle aged woman, who will forever have the sense of humor of a 12 year old, living in the desert. I run my own business repairing and preserving antiques and archaeological and cultural materials, mostly Native American.

    I grew up all over the West Coast and experimented with farming and communal living in my youth. I wouldn’t mind returning to that lifestyle some day.

    I’ve been involved in activist politics off and on since college, and no matter how I try to turn off my interest in politics and what is happening to this country sometimes, I can’t do it. I care too much.

    I came to blogging from involvement with the Howard Dean campaign. I still believe in the dream he sparked about people power. I’m trying to figure out whether my energies are best allocated within the existing political infrastructure or outside of it. That is why I’ve come to this blog from others, to try to figure that out.

    • plf515 on September 18, 2007 at 02:58

    I’m learning disabled
    I’m married (15 years) and have two sons (ages 11 and 5)

    Socially I am far far left
    Economically pretty far left
    Foreign policy – not quite so far left

    I live in NYC and have done so all my life except 3 years in Israel

  6. new england, skier, occasional web developer, bad speller, refuge from kerry campign, floating adrift, involved with sheehan march on crawford, helped gillibrand defeat sweney, assisted with launching a few democrat sites, helped win a few other local races, disappointed with dems non-response to impeachment and ending the war, glad this site is here.

  7. cats.

    Soon to be 52, married for 24+ years, 2 grandkidlets, and have stepdaughter and son-in-law that I like alot!

    Practicing Celtic, eclectic shamanistic pagan. Out of the broom closet since 2001! Recovering Mormon since 1973…but still love the Utah mountains and deserts.

    CPA by license, various accounting stuff by training and trade, nerd by choice. Love science, Jane Austen, Ralph Waldo Emerson, country music, Creedence, and Walela!

    Eclectic in life as well: torn between loving solitude and loving people. Will always be happiest on the wet side of the mountains, by water, in the middle of a forest!

    TMI ~…great diary topic!

    • Lahdee on September 18, 2007 at 03:16

    Wrapped in convention, styled by many, appreciated when necessary.
    My politics are rather leftist. I have no tolerance for liars and passive aggressive types. How I have survived in a corporate environment is beyond me although I was just named Employee of the Quarter. Heh.
    My life is consumed by my new home, my extended family and the two loves of my life, my cockatiels Haku and Kiki.

    Loves music, community theatre and comedy clubs.

    • Alma on September 18, 2007 at 03:17

    A 45 year old married woman that has her 2 grown children (25, and 23), husband, 4 cats, and 4 GrandPigs (daughters guinea pigs)living with her.

    I’ve pretty much been a volunteer all of my adult life, treasurer for years for elementary school, middle school, and boy scouts.  Secretary for middle school, and boy scouts, co pres. for the middle school parent group, President for the high school parent group, vice chair for boy scouts, calendar nut mom for brownie/girl scouts for many years, magazine mom for same, etc.  Many years I was doing 4 or 5 of these jobs at the same time.

    Now my kids are grown and I blog.  🙂

  8. a fish as a pet.

  9. This seems somehow fitting…

  10. Grew up in Los Angeles, moved to Arizona 25 years ago. Married 33 years. Two grown children, two dogs and two cats. Becoming more liberal as I get older. No candidate of choice as yet.

    Not a gifted writer, but not afraid to comment with my opinion (right or wrong).

    Social Security # xxx-xx-xxxx

  11. lived there for over 20 years, now living mostly on a farm in the middle of no where. Still live sometimes in NYC because I can’t ever give it up completely.

    In NYC I was an actor, managed crazy music clubs, worked in a yoga center and with jazz musicians, published some poetry and left the city once in a while to work with dolphins. On the farm in the middle of nowhere, I do graphic design, advertising and a little farming and still do what I can for the dolphins.

    As a teen I was an activist, got fed up, went politically dormant. Bush has reawoken the activist in me and I also work on campaigns out here for democrats. I have a husband and a lot of cats.

  12. working for a nonprofit hospital chain in the Twin Cities…nice to see you here. In addition to writing I like taking pictures, so of course here’s one from this weekend…prairie dog butt! (this is nothing personal, I just enjoy the concept of prairie dog butt).

  13. MWM lf Lib F or M for NSR.

    If you like political discussions, pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, are not into tofu, but do like champagne, please respond and let’s get together to test compatibility.


  14. I forgot to put in my introduction is that the one quality I’m most lacking is a sense of humor – waaayyyy too earnest. I’ve always introduced myself as “the laughee.” I love to laugh, but don’t even try to be funny myself. So, I’m noticing all you funny people in here and I’ll come calling when I need to lighten up!!

  15. I have been, and remain, a Designer/Wordsmith/Rockstar. There are varyign degrees of truth to those three things, but they have all been True at some point in the recent past, or are still true:

    1) As I am fond of pointing out, I have a band, and we rock. Not as often as before, but what we did in the recent past cannot be taken away from us!

    2) I build websites, design print layouts, and, amazingly enough, earn a living doing that.

    3) I am one hell of a writer. There are a few examples of this online, but not many, though I will say that they didn’t give me an English BA for nothing.

    Other than that, I’m just a run of the mill M/30/married/fat/bald Californian. Life is grand. With hope & luck it will stay that way, despite my debilitatingly slothful impulses.

    There. That ought to give the data miners something to work with.

    Nice to meet you all (again).

    • fatdave on September 18, 2007 at 03:53

    Brit in Britain. 48 in November. Married also 24 years. My little girl has grown up and lives with her Boo and a Gecko a couple of miles away. As a young man I soldiered for the Queen  for 6 years dividing my time between playing with real tanks on the cold German wastes and kicking fellow human beings’ doors in at ungodly hours – a practice of which I am ashamed and quickly found bothersome. Went back to engineering for some intensive booklearning and until 4 years ago sold hardmetal products and solutions internationally. Bit of a cardiac incident and  some other medical stuff has kept me poor since then but, and here’s the odd bit…after 2 years of having an internal cardiac loop recorder I got a diagnosis today ( or yesterday if you’re here)and I am not going to  be an ex fatdave imminently. The consultant even said I could drive home if I wanted. Yay!

    6 cats + 3 nameless fat ones who visit at feeding time. Too left for New Labour. Hurt, shocked and now coldly angry about the actions of our respective governments in recent times. Music, books, cricket and comedy are important to me.

    • nocatz on September 18, 2007 at 03:54

    in Ohio , been living in Arizona since I could get the hell out of Ohio.  Bummed around.  Worked in conservation for 20 years. Burnt out.  Supposed to be writing about the conservation experience (that’s what I say when people ask) afraid life is going to interfere and have to get a job soon.  Politics: The Cynical Left.
    Hobbies: Pretending to write, play some blues/boogie piano, harassing cat lovers.

    • Caneel on September 18, 2007 at 03:55

    in Stamford CT where I am visiting family, and my little weather icon keeps popping up to tell me that it’s 81 degrees at my home on St. Thomas. I’m so bundled up it makes my daughter-in-law laugh, and I’m watching people walk around in sandals.

    Ah, the Caribbean. There I write by the sea, poems, essays. I’m a retired journalist who has made USVI my home for the past 20 years. (Best news stories in the world here. You couldn’t make this stuff up).

    I make my annual trek to the mainland to visit family, including six prized grandchildren, while the tropical storms wend their way through hurricane alley in September.

    This sums up the rest:


  16. and im really really tired… 😉

    im a 38-year-old divorced mother of two who is a stay at home mom. 

    im hanging out in my sports thread tonight, so im sorry that i didnt comment on my way through here….that’s not like me…

    if you ‘need’ to know something about me, it’s to remember not to take my comments too seriously…im usually kidding.  usually 😉  like, right now, im not kidding, i usually do kid….

  17. 23 years old, history grad student at a major state university, also have a degree in music.

    Oh, and I run this place, for all your history needs.

  18. I’m a native Portlander who after many travels wound up living within walking distance of the hospital where I was born. I’m just a typical coffee-drinking, book-reading, internet-fingered, web-footed Oregonian, employed in the public sector, living in a city neighborhood, walkin’ around in the rain.

    My casually liberal sensibilities were awakened with a shock when GWB stole the 2000 election. But I make no claims to political activism. Mostly, I’m just kind of a sci-fi/fantasy geek (RIP, Robert Jordan!) with some tinfoil tendencies that I keep under my hat. You won’t see me much in November because I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo.

    ::waves to all the Pony boys and girls::

  19. I’ll add a more serious statement here too for posterity.

    I’m also a brand new dad (for the 2nd time). I’m on baby duty right now, but she’s sleeping soundly giving me a chance to play.

    I love / adore / marvel at / laugh with & enjoy the hell out of my two daughters. They are why I could never be anything but a liberal.

    Like 73rd above, I’m tired. But it’s all good.


  20. a dog (my best friend Jessie), my daughter’s cat (Jasmine).

    Born and raised in Mason City Iowa, living since age 13 in Chicago suburbs. Received my degree in Accounting in 1985.  Working as an international freight forwarder and am a licensed U.S. Customs Broker. 

    Very liberal on social issues, but fiscally more moderate, only because I know the right things we should be spending our money on (Oh, that would NOT be on this stupid-assed war).

    After my job and my family, I spend the rest of my time on genealogy and politics.  I currently working as a volunteer for John Laesch, who’s running for Denny Hastert’s open seat in IL-14.  Go John!

    Other than that, I’m really, really boring.

    • 3card on September 18, 2007 at 04:07

    Merchant Marine officer, former commercial salmon fisherman.  Hard headed pragmatist and idealist.  Nonconformist. Opposed to ideologues of all stripes. 52. Bachelor. Studied Geology and US History as UG.

    Lifelong Democrat, (old school) from a blue collar working middle class family.  Union!

    Frequently “missing” for long periods – gone to sea.

  21. I’ve said goodbye to my 40s but it didn’t hurt much. Married to the lovely Shaharazade. I crunch numbers for a living but still think of myself as a musician. She’s an artist so we often talk of “art” in the abstract, translating from our chosen field into the one that the other loves.

    My goal in life: Making her happy. Or maybe I should say helping her be happy. Or maybe that’s “get out of the way and let her be happy”.

  22. Grew up in So Dak, currently live in Omaha. Grew up in a family of fiercely independent people who sort of felt it was their right and duty to piss people off. Raised Catholic, not a bad thing. Worked as a photographer, and for many years in a business supporting ad agencies and movie studios, that kind of thing. Yes, I know a lot of movies stars. I was married for 18 years to a man who is bi-polar, have two grown sons, you know one, skippythebox. My youngest son thinks blogging is a giant waste of time. Now, I work for a cable company in their telephony department as a switch programmer, building phone lines. I haven’t done everything I wanted yet but I have only done what I wanted to do. Three years ago I was blessed with a grandson, something I never thought would happen, there is nothing in life better than your very own grandchild. Love to read, paint, cook and do monster crafts. Around our house the conversation runs to politics, history, social justice. We are all the same personality type INTP, so if you call don’t expect anyone to answer the phone. I started on KOS a few years ago as gehngismom. I hate the name but the kids think it is funny. Long story, but I earned the appellation. Well, enough about me, how about you all?

  23. Born in North Carolina, shuttled back and forth between there and NYC as a kid. A proud graduate of Wake Forest University (when the team’s doing well). Consider myself a fairly liberal, but southern, Democrat, despite having lived in the NYC area for the last 20 years.
    Married and a father of two kids, one dog, and a cockatiel. 

  24. I’m a linguistics prof. But I’m neither Noam Chomsky nor George Lakoff 🙂 Also, I’m not an American – I only live here. Here being Western NY. Male, 42, married, no kids, no pets. And just for the record, I’m for impeachment, immediate withdrawal, and Gore. Would take Edwards or Dodd instead if I had to – but I’m not allowed to vote anyhow 🙁

    Oh yeah, one more thing about me – I’m totally paranoid about having my identity dragged across the internets. Which is why I’m always kinda ambivalent about these kinds of threads.

  25. Librarian, central Indiana.  Anarcho-socialist (although more anarcho than socialist).  I know who Asoka is.  Alexander is the single most important person ever to walk the face of the Gods green Earth.  If you want to know how to live, read the 4 dialogs in the Trial and Death of Socrates (Plato).  Big Dennis Kucinich supporter.  Won’t vote if the choice is between bad and worse.  I have an obol and a drachma for when Hermes comes.  Impeachment? YELL LOUDER!!!!

    Go Dennis!
    Choose Peace.

    1. … I’ve had the good fortune to work for more than one really excellent lawyer (tho not litigation for the most part – entertainment and intellectual property mostly).

      I also loved Della.

  26. Itinerant arms control specialist.

    • Do Tell on September 18, 2007 at 04:24

    Do Tell, Midwestern dame, trader, gardener, dog owner, mother of three, and glad to be here amongst many whom I recognize from over there.

    1. you write your diary and if it has any links, email me it to me as a word file and I’ll do all the html for you and send it back.

      It isn’t necessary though, you can just put the links raw without doing the < a href >  thing. But if you want it, I’d be happy to help.

    2. A long time ago, RenaRF did a diary at MLW that lays it all out. It was very helpful to me.

  27. Lived here all my life.  I’m 46 years old and I have two daughters in their twenties.  Visited a European country for the first time two years ago, and hope to travel more.  I belong to a union, and I am something of a religious pluralist.  I like trees.  Politically, I registerd as a Democrat about 5 years ago because I wanted to volunteer to help Mitt Romney’s Democratic opponent in the Governor’s race.  I have a crush on Jack Kerouac, and wish Abbie Hoffman were still alive.  In the way back machine, I’d like to meet Margaret Fuller and Mercy Otis Warren.  I’d also like to go back about 75 years just to see what city streets lined with tall elm trees looked like.  Then I’d come right back.

  28. Scientist/educator who dodges storms while chasing them and who has come to the conclusion that Andrew Keen has made a good point in his “The Cult of the Amateur” that there’s far too much inaccuracy and narcissism in WEB 2.0. 

    I say this because, yesterday, on another new blog, two very well respected Daily Kos writers were outed by their full names and a third person was subject to base ad hom attacks about his/her features — by someone who didn’t like their politics.

    As I was shocked by that, I’m peering through the door here and wondering if it’s like Andrew Keen’s description of chaos on the web or if it’s a safe place to post the fact that I respect the writers who received such bad treatment on that blog.

    If it’s not, let me know, and I’ll be on my way.  If it is, I hope to have some verifiable things to say, now and then, as to to the chaos in the real world these days.  Thank you.

    1. all of us number crunchers…

  29. Born when JFK was in office, and raised in the midwest.
    Lifelong adventure seeker and anti-authoritarian. I’ve been banging my head up against unjust people in power positions since the first grade. Left home at age 17 to see the world, made it as far as the Florida Keys, stayed there for 2 years living in a pup tent with my dog, working on fishing, lobster and crab boats, along with other odd jobs, then traveled up the east coast and spent time living with some hippies in the deep woods of New Hampshire, living off the land.

    Father and husband, was a single parent for 10 years starting when my kids were 2 and 4, best times of my life. Married now to DeannaHawk, she’s a keeper, and came with a wonderful son who I have been blessed to Father also.  I was the legal guardian of my disabled kid brother up until his death a little over a year ago. I really miss him. Avid reader, absolutely hate the TeeVee, turned it off completely 2 years ago, don’t miss it one bit.

    My passion is social justice for the vulnerable in our society. I believe with all my heart that it is the responsibility of all of us to look out for those who are less fortunate. In the real world If I catch someone bullying another who is unable to stand up on their own because of their mental or physical weakness, I am going to fuck them up. I learned a long time ago the hard way that the only language a bully understands is the language of a hard leather boot on the back of their neck and I am glad to have helped guide a few handfuls of these former bullies to a deeper awareness of the need for compassion through my personal behavior modification treatment.

    Along with my family, our 2 dogs and 3 pooties, the current love of my life is Charlie.
    He’s a 185 pounds of pure gentle loving yummy.
    Here he is teaching me how to chill.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

  30. but you knew that already, if by chance you’ve seen me pop my head up from time to time at dKos.  This is my first post here, though.  I really aint sure i’m exactly the blogging type, at least with having to write all the time.  Paradoxically I get really into it, and certainly can’t stop lur… reading, at about every spare moment 🙂 sigh…

    but, as mimimal as i make my active participation in the blogworld, i had to bring the ‘ole handle over here, now distributing the sfRenter moniker across distant stretches of ninterteubs, shout out to the new venture, due to the fact that the people making this happen here, from admins, fps, ces, and the regular contributors already here everyday in the essays and comments — well i couldn’t help myself, it’s too good.  And I’ll try to post something of substance somewhere too.

    As to bio.  Well, new attorney for less than a year litigating for sf tenants (!) and advocate for tenant rights and for families, long-term residents and others who often struggle in our city of plenty.  Independant and generally progressive but surely with idiosyncracities.  I really don’t much enjoy following any particular line but to carve my own path.  Don’t fear the Green party, but generally vote Dem, not registered with any party, thinking of making my first ever presidential candidate money contribution (and before the primaries, of course) for Obama.  But I’m not sure I can fully articulate why, which is holding me back some.  Mostly it has to do with a growing sense of forboding and doom which is related to the growing ascendency of Hillary, which I also cannot fully articulate why.  So, as you can see, I’m unlikely to be a regular wonk on the national election cycle.  Although I enjoy to read and learn.

    I write comments that are too long, and should be diar, um, essays, but go fuck yourself that’s just what i do!

    born and raised chicago north shore; college studied philosophy and computer science; really good at standardized tests; worked as a cab-driver, image-editor, web-developer, user-interface guru, (move to sf) independent IT consultant/contractor, then after the dot-com burst was a um bohemian around northern cali for a year, then law school.

    also an acting theater pastime which was big, a good hobby, basically almost semi-professional at one point, and then nothing, NOTHING!  which pisses me off and i should do something to get back into it — it’s even better than blog(s).

    half israeli, all jewish, agnostic, discordian, mystic, scientific-intellectualistic, beleiver in equality, justice, international law, anti-authoritarian, anti-centralized power, anti bush (duh!), anti iraq war (since years before it started!), would like to cut the military budget in half.

    … i’m, like, into the dali llama…
    — ghandi’s cool —

    i drift between seriousness and unseriousness in a way which often leads to incorrect snarkometer triggering, but usually it works out in the end.

    not into physical violence, but whatcha gonna do?

    reading slaughterhouse5 for the first time, excellent so far.

    that’s all,

    1. but it helps that I’m the boss. Its really fun, we’ve created a wonderfully kid and dog friendly office. No one has introduced cats yet though.

    2. whenever I can.

      She’s a



      & she’s one beautiful and loyal friend.

      • Faber on September 18, 2007 at 06:24

      …makes abundant sense to me.  Speaking from firsthand experience, I know it is worthwhile to ask myself whether I am, or am at least becoming, the person my dog thinks I am. 

      Some days successful; others not so much.  But the question persists in the mind. 

        1. Yes, she’s great, even if we have been reduced to eating cat food for dinner ever since the blog started.

    3. is crawling with dogs; just one more reason why they are ranked #1 as best employer.

        • lezlie on September 18, 2007 at 19:53

        and paisles
        Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

        1. but I am completely in love with that Daisy – her sweet and loving expression in that photo just pulls at every one of my heartstrings!

          just a sucker for a sighthound, that’s me!


        2. check out the ears!

  31. But I like (to make) pie!

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

      • nocatz on September 18, 2007 at 04:08

      were just stringing me along….like a c– and a ball of yarn.

  32. an artist, radical lefty, lover of life. A dirty hippie, who got drawn back to the fray, not as counterculture but as part of the culture. I’m not a writer,lawyer, a pol or a wonk but an activist at heart. I love stories hence my handle. I firmly believe we can and will take our country back. The community I meet everyday here and elsewhere makes me know this is the way. love the writing I encounter and am still trying live up to ‘It’s not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country’ this is why I’m here. 

  33. an artist, radical lefty, lover of life. A dirty hippie, who got drawn back to the fray, not as counterculture but as part of the culture. I’m not a writer,lawyer, a pol or a wonk but an activist at heart. I love stories hence my handle. I firmly believe we can and will take our country back. The community I meet everyday here and elsewhere makes me know this is the way. love the writing I encounter and am still trying live up to ‘It’s not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country’ this is why I’m here. 

    • documel on September 18, 2007 at 04:50

    Born in Brooklyn 62 years ago–when O’Malley moved the Dodgers out of Bklyn, I started to dislike and distrust the “man.”  Became an NYC elementary teacher to avoid Vietnam, even though I have an NYU MBA.  Decided I liked ghetto kids more than finance, remained a teacher for 37 years.  As an aside, it’s not the schools that are failing, it’s the mean streets they grow up in.

    Retired and moved to coastal NC–love the beach–not the local politics.  I am to the left of most left wingers–right now my passion is a hatred of Nancy Pelosi.  She enables the death of my former students.

    Married with three very smart kids–one is estranged, sadly, the result of divorce.  The other two live in the Triangle area–one works for IBM at RTP and the other is a senior at Duke.  My wife is the best thing that ever happened for me–and she is almost as far left as I am.  Would love to hear from anyone else that lives between Jacksonville and Wilmington–someone who believes in evolution and good deeds.

    Usually, my name is melvynny when I’m at other sites–have no idea why I used an alias here–maybe I was afraid I made too many enemies at other sites.

      • vigkat on September 18, 2007 at 05:33

      The “freedom of being yourself” quickly devolves into the “necessity of being yourself”; there really isn’t any choice involved.  The pure pleasure of it is compelling and addictive. 

  34. heh. that just occurred to me… the lovely hick maine town in which i grew up happen to have i-95 pass through it, approximately halfway between augusta and bangor… else, i can’t think of any significance to my user number.

    anyhow, hi. my name is dave. i’ve come to this site by way of daily kos as have several others here. please don’t ask why i didn’t come here with a fresh non-dk user name, as i really don’t have a good answer. i was at best a secondary to tertiary character over in orange-land; perhaps i hoped some would know me when i opted to show up here at melvin’s invitation. and a few indeed did, and i’m grateful for that.

    i’m in my early 40s, i’m happily cohabitating with my partner of 5+ years in oakland california, i’m unhappily underemployed: currently in online retail. groan. i have spent several years in the environmental sciences, and while they burnt me to a crisp, all matters environmental remain incredibly important to me. it won’t surprise me if i find my way back to them in terms of what i do to feed myself, but i have an increasingly strong sense that i won’t find a want ad for it. i’ll need to craft it.

    i love music. i play saxophone. i draw things. i make bad puns.

    babbling. sorry. thanks for the invitation via this essay to say hi. and–again–thanks to buhdy and the crew for carving out this lovely chunk of the tubes.

    • mango on September 18, 2007 at 05:04

    I am a retired travel agent living my dream in Mexico.  I am sixty six but forgot to get old, and never will.  After forty years of marriage, twenty of it spent dreaming of retiring in Mexico, my spouse informed me that he didn’t want to move here.  I said why didn’t you tell me sooner and he replied that he was afraid to.
    Well he had reason to be afraid.  I divorced him and drove to my little place in the sun five years ago.  I wouldn’t change a thing!

      • pfiore8 on September 18, 2007 at 03:42

      you know, you could call out for pizza too

    • snud on September 18, 2007 at 05:09

    I’m not taking a pee in this shot! I played drums professionally for years… got burned out living in bars. Jumped into computers back in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Made a few bucks with that. Got sick as hell in 1997 and did the chemo thing for years. All my hair fell out and I puked a lot; my wife left me and they told me I’d die – but, like a bad penny, I kept coming back just to piss ’em off.

    When I lost my job (and health insurance) I took up photography and take care of my 86 year old father (who’s had multiple strokes). When I’m not taking pictures or getting carpal tunnel syndrome from Photoshop, I hang out here, making assinine comments.

    Here’s a picture of my butt:

    Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

    As you can see – my hair grew back too! (But not on my butt!)

    My mom was a journalist, and a rabid Democrat. I took the torch when she passed away in ’93.

    I need a new butt. Preferably, a muscle-y one that chicks like. But when I tried getting on the transplant list, everyone just laughed and laughed.

    We’ll SEE who has the last laugh!! Bwaaa-haaa-haaaa!! Yeah, they better watch THEIR ass! Seriously. ‘Cause if it’s a muscle-y one that chicks like…

    Oh and don’t ask where I got the name “snud”; only a handful of top-secret people know what that word means. And I’m not tellin! Unless you’re a hot chick or have a muscle-y butt you’d like to donate.

    1. but I decided not to.

      Glad to know another fat bald married guy, even if you are a youngster!

    • sharon on September 18, 2007 at 05:12

    have wondered about folks, picking up little clues and building images.  reading this makes me wish we could do this someplace where the candlelight dances and the wine flows freely.

    but it is monday night and after a long day of school and work, this will have to do.  49-year old student for life, studying graphic design this degree, have found myself an ardent impeachment activist, applying marketing concepts and sending emails and dialing numbers i never considered in my wildest imaginings and doing it like it is unquestionably the right thing to do.  single and live alone with my treasure of a dog, conchita, who was kind enough to let me use her name as a screen name until docudharma.  my bf, a truly grand man, died suddenly last december at 48 and am still finding my way in the world without him, but if i’m still here i don’t have much choice.  i didn’t say that to elicit sympathy, so please don’t comment about it. it is just part of what defines my existence right now.  what else?  from the boston area from a liberal family – we all campaigned for mcgovern as kids.  my parents were quite young and very cool – grew up reading their new yorkers, the new republic (back when it was good), the village voice, boston phoenix, etc.  they were more jazz freaks, but i do remember my dad telling me one morning over breakfast that he’d heard the jefferson airplane the night before – i thought it was some kind of science exhibit.  my way of rebelling in high school was to listen endlessly to the dead and the new riders of the purple sage – anything remotely resembling country drove him nuts.  i find myself in new york these days after a big circle through hawai’i and california.  (budhy and i have lived in the same big island town.)  came to new york for grad school in arts management, intending to head back to hawai’i but somehow 20 years later i am still here.  produced music videos and commmercials for many years, but these days i go to school and rep a photographer which frees me up to devote whatever time is left to making impeachment happen.  with that i think i’ve said more than anyone would want to know.

    thank you everyone for sharing.  been great to meet all of you!

    • MTmofo on September 18, 2007 at 05:13

    Born and raised in the Flathead Valley of NW Montana.
    6 yrs USAF Airborne Hebrew Linguist stationed in Greece.
    3.5 yrs community college-3 Associate degreess.
    13 yrs working/directing LI(H)EAP in my corner of the state.
    Recvd modest inheritance and quit job.  I was already looking for new employment anyhow.
    Made some good choices and some not so much…but it was worth to take off the better part of 10 yrs.
    Not including my military travels I have been to Crete, Sweden, Italy, Australia, Cuba and Mexico.
    Currently working construction in a private development.  The house we are finishing has sold for 2.4 mill.
    I currently reside on the east shore of http://www.umt.edu/f… in a modest log cabin my parents built in the 70’s.
    Mostly, I’m here for the snark.  But not always.
    1 adult kid you might have heard about recently, 2 grandkids, 1 cat (Pretty Boy Floyd) and 3 ex-wives.

    1. In my case, I think it would be more riff than rock.

  35. really.  Former barrel racer with trophies until Rancho Deluxe was filmed in my hometown.  Response was to live in Africa for a year.  Recovering visual artist turned stonemason after meeting my best friend/husband (St. Paul native!  Polish!  Knows Chopin’s mazurkas, a family lineage of excellent music) who is also a mason.  Currently recuperating in Mexico from reality-based US gummnt power hallucinations.  We are taking the year off starting next week.

    1. rrrrrrRRRROWWW~!

      1. Hey neighbor. You must come meet my kitty sometime! prrrr prrr prrrr 😀

        (see, one of my favorite hobbies is harassing cat haters. I’m real good at it!)

        I’m curious, what kind of conservation? Critters? Forestry? Generic Global?

        • 3card on September 18, 2007 at 05:40

        A pony for the harassing of cat lovers.

    • Caneel on September 18, 2007 at 05:40

    and the sheer beauty of the islands are great source material for me.

    Here’s one of my published poems:

    Inside, Inside

    Metal clatter, gate jiggle,
      lilting call:
      “In-side, in-side.”

    Wisdom wrapped
    in calypso summons:
      “In-side, in-side.”

    Though the knock
    is not at my door,
      “In-side, in-side”

    &delivers me  from
      outside, outside.

    Copyright 2004, Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review

  36. what a fascinating group of people here!!!

    When I put up this diary, I envisioned having some quiet conversation with a few people. But I’ve learned so much about all of you, I can’t keep up.

    One other thing I’ll daringly reveal about myself is that my brain starts to shut down at about 9:30 pm CDT. So there’s not much activity there to draw on right now. I’ll say goodnight and catch up on you night owls in the morning.

    • Robyn on September 18, 2007 at 05:46

    Muse in the Morning (being careful to close that italics this time).  59, college professor (originally of mathematics, now computer programming languages), PhD from Oregon, now living in the urburbs of north Jersey, ten miles or so from Port Authority in NYC (sounds better than just north of Newark).  Previously lived in Arkansas for 16 years, during which time I transitioned from male to female.

    My life is an open book…or will be as soon as I get it published.

    1. I can expound with impunity!

      No, I meant- when I say things like “C Major is the happiest key ever!” or something like that. I don’t know much theory and have in fact learned and forgotten how to read music at least 3 times. That’s what I meant by “amateur.”

  37. I’m ………….tired!

    And I love all you sick, twisted and marvelous people!

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    G’night kidz!

    Play nice and try not to break anything!

  38. It breaks down pretty easy for me:  newfie53523 comes from our love for our Newfoundland dogs, and our Cambridge, Wisconsin zip code of 53523.
    I’m a partner in a small brand communications firm, a media strategist by trade.  My partner and I have been together about 13 years, and live outside of Madison with our four horses, two dogs, three cats and Rudy the Wonderfish.  I’m left, and Tom is left of left.  He lurks, I post.

    So glad to have added Docudahrma to my hot list.

    • eugene on September 18, 2007 at 06:04

    28, PhD student in US history, trying to finish my dissertation sometime this academic year. Born in Southern California, Berkeley undergrad, then Seattle for 6 years, and been in Monterey since June. Grew to like the Northwest quite a lot, and will probably wind up back there before long.

    I think socialism would be a very good idea.

    1. Heh. Yeah, I’ve done it a couple of times before. The beauty of it is its complete “honor system” lack of regulation. I “won” last year with a kind of kitchen sink, unedited verbal gushing that included half the emails and all the journal posts I wrote during the month.

      This year, I plan to rewrite an already-finished novel.

      As the NaNo slogan goes: “No plot? No problem!”

    • tjb22 on September 18, 2007 at 06:16

    haven’t felt well this weekend, but I recognize most of you and this seems to be quite the place…

    I’m a forty-something married mother of seven…ages 12-23.  Five still living at home…one moved out just a couple of weeks ago.  Beginning to have early empty nest pangs.

    I’m medically disabled, but when I was out and about I enjoyed being active in matters in which I could be part of the loyal opposition.  I guess I’ve been opposing something or other all my life.  Blame my parents…real FDR union types that brought me up to question everything and everyone. 

  39. PD at a juvenile hall in N. Cal.  2grwon kids four growing grandkids.  Leftist, and always have been, but like many others got caught up in making a living in Reagan’s
    America and let the political part slip.  Trying to make amends for that now, for the grandkids sake and cause its really shameful what has happened to this country,

    Went to Europe a few years ago and was astounded by the civility (and the TGV).  Lots of friendly faces around here, I have high hopes for this Place.

      • nocatz on September 18, 2007 at 04:35

      thoug price is a lot funnier

    1. This made me LOL:

      So says a newbie independent observer who also happens to be the Price of Darkness.

      I despise the outings and ad homs, as well.  Last resort of a weak argument, from my point of view.  I saw a sig line recently, can’t remember who it was from.  Said something like you can’t have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.  That’s what the comment I’d stumbled upon was like.  No way to answer it without drawing attention to the poor souls it had been meant to hurt.

      Thank you for the encouragement and for the lol line.  I hope you’re right about the atmosphere.  We have enough to deal with already outside the Internet door.

  40. 43, not completely crazy.  Currently in Bellingham for another week, then Seattle for awhile.  Lived in various places — Seattle, NL, NYC, San Rafael.  Fiddle bits for a living.  Trans, all the medical stuff a baker’s dozen years behind me.  Single, bitter, but mostly funny, not nearly as full of myself as I seem.  Honest…

    • on September 18, 2007 at 06:38

    Mishima. I live in Japan and enjoy various pursuits like: football (the other kind), skiing, movies and reading books. I’m liberal and would have voted for Gore in 2000.

    • pico on September 18, 2007 at 06:40

    just the stats: 27, male, gay, engaged to an awesome guy, finishing my ph.d., polyglot, voracious reader, decent pianist, terrible guitarist, competitive (sometimes) swimmer, spend way too much time online.  how’s that?

    • KrisC on September 18, 2007 at 06:48

    Cool beans.

    I’m a 40yr old stay-at-home mother of two AWESOME kids 3&5 years old.
    One boy.  One girl. 

    Married to the most wonderful man for 12 years, he’s a commercial scalloper (think “The Worlds’Deadliest Catch” but on Cape Cod, MA) and he is home only 2 weeks a month!

    One little doggy, Frankie, who, in case you haven’t heard is SMARTER than me, he tells me all the time.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    I’m glad I waited to have kids until I was 35, I traveled around the world for 15 years, settling in places like London for three years, Paris for a five, Cannes for two, Melbourne for one and actual homeless traveler for four years. 

    I got the bug out  of my system finally! 
    Now I never want to leave my house. 
    My computer is in my kitchen, which is the heart of our home so I’m in and out of the blogs all day long. 

    Once the kids go to sleep it’s a blogathon for me.  I am a gypsy, even if only at heart anymore. 
    Oh yeah!  I love to dance!!!!!

    You are all amazing and I’m humbled in your presence……

    • jibbly on September 18, 2007 at 06:56

    stay-at-home dad/bookseller
    wife’s a teacher
    3 sons (8,6,3)
    3 cats
    3 frogs (fire bellies)
    1 big-ass Oscar fish
    rather read than write
    having a great time here

    • nocatz on September 18, 2007 at 07:08

    Armando diary record comment length.  Does this count as meta?

    • lezlie on September 18, 2007 at 08:35

    in the 50’s… conceived in TN, born in KY… wandered the country during and after college… found my sainted husband and settled in AZ… raised twin boys… 2 grandkids, lobbying for another… 2 cats, 2 German Shepherds… 3rd generation Dem Party activist beginning at age 10 handing out balloons on a Senatorial whistlestop thru my District… liberal/libertarian according to Political Compass (I took the test http://politicalcomp… )… activism now limited to things I can do from my computer… a Jew who practices Buddhism… was member of SDS (not the bomb throwing branch)… protested 2 wars… worked for civil rights and gay rights… jack of many trades, master of none… worked in publishing, writing, photography, campaign managing, political graphic design, had a professional photofinishing lab when I had to retire due to Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension… professional patient now at Mayo Scottsdale. 

    Political heroes: RFK, MLK, Sen. Albert Gore, Barry Goldwater, Al Gore, Howard Dean. My loves are family, cats (tabby), dogs (German Shepherd), the Southwest, politics, music, art (have no artistic or music talent, but I’m friends with several talented and famous artists and musicians), stand-up comedy, reading, and blogging.  Hate liars (the last 7 years have been horrific), hypocrites (ditto), phonies (ditto again) and doing laundry and dishes (Saint Hubbie does them now).

    I am 61, going on 25 (except physically 61 going on 90). I have had a lot of fortune in my life and always try to help those who have not been so fortunate. Oh, and I love ellipses…

  41. Knucklehead riding hippy. Photographer, reefer, custom builder, bilingual adventurer & pirate. But I do think I have a kind heart. 

      • snud on September 18, 2007 at 05:45
        • Caneel on September 18, 2007 at 04:58

        Only a very beautiful and caring person could have figured this out.

        1. …a fan of health and paste?

  42. but only because I don’t like working for the man.

    An attorney, a text book author (finishing a new one right now), book publisher, legal research expert, teacher, tutor, and web designer.  I’ve consulted to large corporations and the Federal Government and have also argued before the Federal Appellate Court. I have a degree in Poli Sci and once studied strategic policy at IISS in London.  I once sold furs for a living.

    Five years ago I took a year off and drove ‘right around’ Australia (included a victory lap in Tasmania, which I recommend highly) in a campervan called San Souci (or Suzy for short).  I was introduced to my wife in a basement backpacker bar in downtown Brisbane by a white witch from Westchester County, NY.  The witch, who had never seen either of us before that night, assured me we were meant to be together.  The white witch wasn’t wrong. 

    I am on my second life.  I have two dogs, both rescues. I live in Marin County California.  I like it here.

    I can sing, act, and play both cello and bass guitar.  My bass is a Hofner 1974 hollow body with the one of the sweetest tones you will ever hear.  It was supposedly once owned by Ron Blair of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, but the Hofner rep has yet to get back to me with a confirmation.  I am currently looking for musicians to collaborate with.  I like the Clash, the Jam, Talking Heads and all Jamaican music before 1971, among many other bands and genres.  I will listen to the sound of a well played Hammond B-3 organ anytime, anywhere. Ice Hockey is my favorite sport.

    Started blogging in the Spring of 2003 at Billmon’s joint – a very good time and place to be a blogger.

    1. sorry I couldn’t fix it any other way.  Please repost Robyn!

  43. Live with 70 years in life sister.
    She is the most political.
    I live in Midwest near a national forest.
    All kinds of critters come right up to front porch. 
    MY family homesteaded it in 1870.
    I have Three children.
    Five Grand children.
    Seven Grate Grand children. 
    Four Great Great Grand children.
    In my life time I have helped send seventeen children through four years of higher education
    A home for children in there teens with no means or parents, get though high school
    There are fifty three of those children
    I myself have had no formal schooling
    but I wanted it so bad that when I got the opportunity to help others that wanted an edcation as bad as I  I did what I could.
    My sister got me hooked on blogs because of her politics
    I just love talking to all of you young people and reading the things you say. You really do make my day.

    • RiaD on September 18, 2007 at 15:41

    born in Germany, Air Force brat, after knowing him 20 days I became the wife of MrD, it’ll be 30yrs soon; mother of 1 boy, 1 girl, many lost-boys, 4 furred children (Dogs Rule!), -2- no 6! finches and a fish; gramaRia to the smartest, most beautiful boy in the world.
    I’ve been a cashier, a waitress, a schoolbus driver, a substitute teacher, a painter (like walls NOT pictures), a carpenters helper, mechanics helper, an apartment manager. I’ve run my own customized t-shirt painting for D&D’s, a maid service, a landscaping service and help run a home/lawn maintenance business. Many of these were overlapping. Now I make quilts and clothes, tend my garden & grandson and I’m learning how to Really cook.
    Self taught in most things, a throw-back to a simpler time. I love books, the woods, the beach and finding wonderful people to share ideas with 🙂

  44. Link to my online bio in my profile.

    Yeah, and guess what my childhood was like?

  45. All of the richness in your lives  – and the richness that you bring here – is real treasure.  I’m savoring it, and I appreciate what you have chosen to share.

    Mine is different in that I mostly have a life of memories and real time events that bring me to panic, terror and fear, and thus, it’s best left blank and buried. The notable things are what I left in a previous essay.

    I never thought that I carried envy before.  But in reading about your lives and families, your interests, friends, knowledge and generosity, I am very envious – very envious indeed.

    • scribe on September 18, 2007 at 17:34

    Old shit-stirring whistle blowing retired RN turned storyteller/poet/stage director for amateur performers.  Hobby: blowing peoples ageist stereotypes back up their nostrils. Wasted a LOT of energy trying to “belong” before I realized I didn’t want to: all it did was make a raving alkie outa me. Fooled em all: 26 years sober and totally in love with my freedom from single parenting, a viscious, exploitive profession, and any and all need to impress or obey or to serve anyone, EVER AGAIN! Can’t walk far, don’t need to: do just fine on my Ol BatMobile and have discovered a lot of money and “stuff” is the LAST damned thing a person needs to feel safe and happy, which means I am RICH!!
    Very interesting bunch of peeps here…glad to meet you all. 

  46. and a fun one too!

    Secretary/office manager type, 53, UU, married, twin sons 19 yrs old, owner and foster-er of greyhounds, owned BY two pooties as well. Politicized for and BY my children as they participated in their Speech and Debate team. Live in Pittsburgh, PA, a town I love.

    My Pandora, from whence cometh my screen name (I tried for just Pandora at DK but that had already been taken and I am kind of attached to the PB name now.)

    • boran2 on September 18, 2007 at 19:50

    Marred (or should that be married?) father of feral 8 year old boy, very left leaning, attorney, feigns artistic sensibility, collector of many things (some near useless), currently contemplating one of life’s “great” milestone birthdays now imminent. 

  47. Always seem to be a day late and a dollar short – that’s me moodyinsavannah.  This is going to be a fun place methinks.  P.S. If you give me enough coffee, I’m really not very moody at all.

  48. …that I’m a bit out of the ordinary for here.

    I’m 30 and live in Manhattan.  I’m unmarried, childless, and pet-less.  I fear y’all with your full lives.

  49. Scientist, mid-30s, living in Vancouver. Owned by two dogs based on the dachshund model. Wife of Mr Pickle. Avid kayaker. General sports fan. Go Card! Go Canucks!

    • MBNYC on September 19, 2007 at 15:49

    MBNYC here and on DKos, 37, dude, happily partnered for seven years, grew up in the military and studied overseas; moved to New York almost ten years ago and never ever want to leave.

    Regarding work/life balance, I’m at a happy point where I’m finally getting paid, and reasonably well at that, to help get Democrats elected, which is also what I do in my free time. So go figure.

    And when I’m not being all tediously political, I hang out with my fashion-scene boyfriend in that universe. Our friends say that I want to change the world, and he wants to give it a makeover and redecorate it. And so, I guess, it is.

    Life is good. Love the new blog, congratulations to everyone who put it up. Nice work, y’all 🙂

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