It’s Time To Bring Our Soldiers Home

It’s time to bring our soldiers home.  It’s long past time.  They are not George W. Bush’s soldiers.  They are not Dick Cheney’s soldiers.   They are our sons and daughters.  They are our brothers and sisters.  They didn’t enlist to be hired guns for war profiteers.  They volunteered in good faith to serve their country, but they have been betrayed by their own government.  We have all been betrayed.  They have suffered for too long, their families have suffered for too long, America has suffered for too long. 

Iraq Moratorium Day.
Stand up.
Speak out.
Bring America’s sons and daughters home.

Not so long ago, America fought a global war against fascism.  Today, American soldiers are dying in a nation targeted for invasion and occupation by a war criminal president, while the world hangs its head in shame at what we have become. 

Not so long ago, American moral leadership inspired the world.  Other nations respected us, even our enemies.  We were looked up to because we were worthy of it.  We were a compassionate and generous nation, a nation that cared for its poor and honored its laws and believed in the American Dream. 

But for seven years, we have been trapped in a nightmare.  Our government puts human beings in cages.  Our government tortures prisoners.  Our government spies on us.  Our government wages war for oil.  These politicians have dragged America into the gutter.  But we don’t have to stay there. 

Iraq Moratorium Day.
Show America what making a difference looks like.
Make history.
Bring our brothers and sisters home.

Across this country today, we’re showing these politicians and pundits and complicit media hacks that their lies about Iraq are no longer going to be tolerated. We’re joining together with other Americans, in our streets and parks and neighborhoods, in Washington D.C., in New York City, in San Francisco, in Chicago and Denver and Philadelphia and Boston.  We are speaking truth to power, we are telling America the truth about Bush and Cheney and their bloody war for oil.  Congress won’t.  BUT WE ARE.  Someone has to. 

Iraq Moratorium Day.
Show America your courage.
Show America your determination.
Bring our weary soldiers home.

We’re taking a stand.  For our soldiers.  For their families.  For our country.  For peace and justice.  Everyone who has ever listened to their conscience and spoken out against war and injustice will be with us.  Their voices have not been silenced.  Their voices will never be silenced as long as we speak out as they did, with the same passion, courage, and determination to build a better world. 

September 21, 2007.
Iraq Moratorium Day.
Let’s bring our soldiers home.


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    • Rusty1776 on September 21, 2007 at 22:27
    • Alma on September 21, 2007 at 23:10

    It may take awhile, but we will build our forces, and do it!

    You seem to be missing a recommend button again.  What do you do with those things?  Eat them?

    • KrisC on September 21, 2007 at 23:11

    Now, can somebody PLEASE explain to me WHY our soldiers are still in Iraq?
    Is it because our “mission” hasn’t been accomplished? 
    Is it because we need to help “rebuild” what we tore down?
    Or is it because the Iraq Oil law hasn’t yet passed?

    I want our soldiers home and I want them to be taken well care of, I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

  1. You do that op purpose just to be a pain in the ass huh?

    We are working on your other prob too, but we might have to refer it to Soapblox so it could take awhile.

    Next time you go to post e-mail me ahead of time so I can keep my eyes out for ya!

    Ok…now I get to READ it!

    • fatdave on September 22, 2007 at 20:30

    What a perfect choice.

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