Help Send Three Kossacks to Congress

As many of you know, three members of the netroots community are running for Congress. We all talk the talk. They’re daring to walk the walk. All face uphill battles, but with a little luck, lots of hard work, and your help, all three can win.

We’re coming to the end of the quarter, for filing campaign contributions. A late rush is always helpful, not only for the obvious reasons, but for the buzz it creates. They can all also use volunteers and cyber-volunteers. Please do what you can, and do it by Sunday. Thanks!

Here are some diaries about our three candidates, plus links to their campaign webpages, ActBlue pages, and volunteer sign-up pages:

Jerry Northington for Congress- DE-AL

His Daily Kos page: possum

My introductory diary: (DE-AL) Kossack Jerry Northington (possum) for Congress!

We’re used to politicians who posture and spin, and whose every move is meticulously calculated. How often do we see politicians who think and write like Jerry Northington? He’s a warrior for peace, a teacher and healer, a scientist with the soul of a poet. We don’t often have the chance to send such a person to Congress. We now do.

Jerry’s announcement diary: possum for Congress

The issue on which my campaign is based is the war. As a Vietnam veteran I know from firsthand experience what war can do to the troops and to civilians. We must end this war and end it as soon as possible. So many other issues are not being addressed in this country today. The monies being squandered on a failing Iraq occupation need to be redirected. In addition we must work to see our freedoms restored. We have lost so much in the past six long years. If we fail to begin soon to change direction we may lose all in the end.


Contribute, through ActBlue!

(and two more, below the fold…)

Gilda Reed for Congress- LA-01

Her Daily Kos page: gildareed

Gabriella’s introductory diary: Another Kossack Running for Congress

Gilda Reed represents all that is good in the Democratic Party. Her goals of improving the quality of life for our hard-working citizens, providing affordable health care for all, ending this dreadful occupation of Iraq, restoring health to our environment and, in all, standing for the common good. We “need more sensitive leaders paying attention to the problems facing everyday Americans –elderly, disabled, gay, working-but-not-making-ends-meet folk.” We, this most extraordinary community, can “spread the word that an honest, kick-butt Democrat is running for Congress.”

Gilda’s campaign diary: Hypocrisy no more

Besides being a lifelong resident of District 1, I am the dedicated mother of 7 children, including 2 adopted with special needs, the grandmother of 11, and the teacher of thousands of university students. With a polio disability, I raised my large family and earned a Ph.D. in Applied Biological Psychology at the same time. Then I went on to teach more classes at the University of New Orleans at 1 time than any of my colleagues. During Katrina, I did not miss a beat and recorded all lectures for the semester so that my students could hear what they would have heard if there were buildings to house them. To this day, I am still fighting for the rights of my adopted children with disabilities. So I am accustomed to weathering adversity. Washington will be a piece of cake compared to all of this.


Contribute, through ActBlue!

Ron Shepston for Congress- CA-42

His Daily Kos page: CanYouBeAngryAndStillDream

Major Danby’s introductory diary: CA-42: I’m managing a netroots U.S. House campaign

Our candidate believes in:

* restoring the Constitution and rule of law by reining in the Imperial Presidency
* removing our troops from Iraq and concentrating our foreign policy on fighting terrorism, poverty, and human rights abuses
* reverting to the fiscal sanity and responsibility that this Administration squandered and dedicating the government to helping people avoid the catastrophes that come from lost health care and pension protection
* respecting facts rather than convenient wishes when it comes to federal policy in areas such as the environment, energy, education, and health
* refusing to use the power of office to enrich oneself and one’s friends at the expense of the public good

And our opponent believes in none of those things. This is a netroots kind of race — a fight to make us all rightfully proud.

Ron’s announcement diary: CA-42: Hi, I’m Ron Shepston and I’m running for Congress

This is not a vanity or protest campaign. California’s 42nd district is Republican-dominated, but increasingly independent – which means that it’s full of people who think like Democrats whom we have to convince to vote the way they think. It’s a district I can win. The local party establishment supports me. My opponent, Gary Miller, has been swimming so long in the ethical cesspool of Congressional privilege that he’s grown gills. He’s vulnerable – but no one was on the ballot against him in 2006. No local elected politician in the district – which has too few elected Democrats – is running against him next year. So I’ve rashly stepped up and strapped up; now I’m going to show up and make people sit up and pay attention.


Contribute, through ActBlue!

We all want change. We all want fewer Republicans in Congress, and more good Democrats! Here’s a chance to help make that happen.

Let’s send these three great Democrats to Congress!


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  1. I wish them all the very best of luck. Very inspiring.

  2. this keeps up, there’ll be a Kossack Kauckus
    on the hill.

  3. The netroots needs to put people in office who understand that communication on the net is becoming the most important vehicle of any future political forum in this country.

  4. make it a pleasure, and not just a right or a responsibility, to vote.

    May they all win!

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