Democrats Work: Kicking it Around

(Democracy. It’s hard work.
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Looking back on Democrats this week, some people will remember Move On ads and Senate votes about troop rotations and all of those large national stories that grabbed the headlines.

Thirty Five kids will hold different memories of this week. They will remember playing soccer with players from the Colorado Rapids.

And then there are other people who will remember the mountains of trash they hauled away from the San Francisco shoreline, or the way they cleaned the Mud Creek Trail in Arkansas.

Democrats Work and a great group of partner organizations got outside again this week and showed that not all action has to wait for Washington.

I had the easy job this week. I was in Denver when the urban youth organization Colorado UpLift brought the kids out to tour the soccer stadium and take part in a skills clinic. I can’t point to the fruits of my labor like the teams in California and Arkansas can, but I know that we made our own mark in Colorado.

Rapids players John DiRaimondo and Nick LaBrocca showed everyone how it was done, and the kids did a great job of learning from the pros. The players did what they could with the old dogs, but we mostly… er… supervised.

We partnered up with the staff from the Democratic National Convention Committee. The DNCC has been on the ground here for a few months, and they are making a great effort at being the perfect guests while they are here. They started off by opening a $2 Million account at the Native American Bank in Denver. They are following up on that with a series of community service events, like the one he had this week.

I know that there was a lot on the line in D.C. this week. People are dying every day, overseas and right here at home. You need 51 votes to get a majority. You need 60 votes to close the debate. You need 67 votes to overturn a veto. And some times you need more than 62,000,000 votes to win an election.

Now, I don’t know what sort of votes we are gathering. I don’t know if we are ahead or behind.  I don’t even know what we are voting on, if anything at all.
But when I look around me and start counting, it sure feels like there is something somewhere that we are winning:


Two… Three…

Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… Nine… Ten…



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  1. I am going to cross-post this over at Kos in the morning.
    And I will get it up at my home blog,

    I’ll do something over at Calitics tomorrow to see if I can get the West Coast to share their stories too.

    Where else do you think I should be posting?

  2. Absolutely love it.

    Got to work with them in Dallas at the YDA Convention. Democrats Work is exactly the kind of thing we need to promote more of.

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