Today, I made a serious mistake.

After two weeks of 16-20 hour days Blogging The Launch…..I took the day off.

This was a serious mistake because I realized that there is indeed life outside of blogging. And I like it….occasionally.

Now, I have a huge cavernous head, in which I store many many things…..including spare change from various countries, dead ferns, and random Jeopardy questions…..but I think some of the stuff we are planning to do here….and the fact that you people are all smarter than me …..and produce too many good ideas….will be to big for even MY head to try to contain it all!!!

On my way back from Cabo San Lucas this afternoon (notice how casually I toss that off?)I realized we really do need…..well something that would need a good name! A Research Dept.? An Organizational Force? Someone or someones with actual organizational ability? Which acronyms into SWAOA….which isn’t good either.

Starting with the Manifesto Project of course. We need to collect and collate all the various suggestions from all the thread and start a link list for diaries like aek all over, Cosmic Debris and DallasDocs excellent contributions.

Are any of you into that sort of thing? plf515 suggested some software, several folks have suggested a wiki….all stuff that is beyond my humble ken. I am more than willing to try to do all this stuff in my own weird way…but that tends to make more organized people nervous. So if you are interested….let me know. Everyone in the Research Dept. (or whatever it’s called) gets a good parking place and free lunch in the company cafeteria. 

And a Super Bonus!

You get to make up the name! As a matter of fact…you get to make up EVERYthing!

  Ideally we would have a couple of people at least, working together… both to reduce stress and to form a nice comraderlish atmosphere that can be handed down as people burn out and strangle themselves with random bits of HTML code move on.

If you are interested please mail me….but….please do NOT feel obligated to, or take this on if you already have too much happening in your life and it would stress you out.

But the cool part is….that you would be inventing the position, deciding how to do and, indeed! what to do. There is nothing stopping this nascent power from taking over the blog and ordering everyone about until we throw things at you. This sort of thing could be a huge source of good….OR EVIL….for the entire world.

You have nothing to lose but your chains….and as I said, you GET a nice parking spot.


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  2. may i also be yours???

    if you need me, first i feel sorry for your desperation, then i do what you ask…  😉

  3. This is also an Open Thread as implied by the title….so stop feeling guilty and come and dive into the openness and threadosity and don’t worry about me, sniff….I’ll be just fine without a research dept.


    just sitting here in the dark

    without any friends


    But you folks go ahead and play!

    • snud on September 28, 2007 at 02:05

    When dinosaurs ruled the earth, a company I used to work for used Lotus Notes – which has gone the way of the dinosaur, thankfully. Man, I hated that thing. But it was just poorly implemented.

    If and when a “team” is assembled, some kind of (much newer, hopefully better) software might be considered.

    Microsoft recently announced  Groove. But I’m pretty darn sure that wouldn’t work because of cost, difficulty of implementation, etc.

    I suspect there’s some open-source stuff out there that would let a team of VIPs DSTCDB. (Do Stuff They Couldn’t Do Before)

    …On the other hand there’s a LOT of software out there that’s an answer in search of a problem so it’d be wise to research thoroughly then ask everyone’s opinion (who is involved) prior to even thinking about implementing something.

    It’s just that the usual suspects like Excel, Access, etc. seem to not be a very good fit and don’t play well with too many people using it at once.

    Just a thought…

  4. regarding what we should call ourselves.


    As if this hasn’t presented enough of a quandary, the significant others of some members of this community have been feeling neglected lately and have made some suggestions, which I cannot share here because of the explicit and suggestive nature of these names, which imply all sorts of unsavory things about us.

    Dharmasses is the only suggested name I dare share with the community, the others are much less complementary.

    But I digress . . . 

    Should our name be gender oriented?



    And what should we call our factions, should any develop?



    Kitty Litterers?

    I guess it doesn’t matter all that much, Lieberman is going to get us all killed anyway.


    • lori on September 28, 2007 at 02:18

    Would you like some whirled peas with that?

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Glad you got a day in Cabo, Buhdy.

  5. Veto-proof, baybee.

    • snud on September 28, 2007 at 02:31

    we’re all in the center now!

    Talk about marginalized.

  6. to be on a research crew. I’m no software wizard though. I know how to use the stuff I have on my puter, evil BillGatesware.

    I volunteer to help and contribute, but I know I don’t have the time or desire to be a fearless leader or whipmistress.

    One request: It’d be really stunning and amazingly helpful if we could get operational html buttons here, at the very least: links, blockquote, bold and italic. The html short cuts in particular would save tons of time. Does this kind of thing cost $$?

    • toys on September 28, 2007 at 03:49

    and sometimes I have ideas, but usually they are just bad ideas!

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