Calling Armando, Patriot Daily, VigKat, and other lawyers

Whadda y’all think of this email from John Conyers?  Is he following protocol and hoping to catch them up or wait for the WH/DOJ to refuse to prosecute?  Or is he blowing more smoke up our akoles? 

White House in Contempt

Dear Sharon,

I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on the status of the contempt of Congress resolution in the House of Representatives.

As you may know, the Judiciary Committee passed a resolution before the August recess holding the White House and Harriet Miers in contempt of Congress for their failure to provide documents and appear before the committee as legally required by subpoena.

The information we have received to date from the Justice Department from our U.S. Attorneys investigation indicates the White House played a central role in the firing of the nine federal prosecutors. Yet, the White House has stonewalled and consistently refused to cooperate with inquiries into this matter.
At the heart of our investigation is the evidence uncovered suggesting that the nine U.S. Attorneys were fired for politically-motivated reasons, while others may have been retained because they were pursuing partisan investigations.
We have also discovered that job candidates’ political contributions and affiliations were considered in hiring decisions for nonpartisan positions in the Department of Justice. Our job has been made more difficult by apparent misleading testimony from the Attorney General and other Department of Justice officials.

This politicization of our judicial system cannot be tolerated.  Our citizens have a right to expect that federal prosecutions will be conducted in a fair and nonpartisan manner.

There are many steps we can take in this confrontation with the White House. Some are more extreme than others. What we must first do is get the facts that show who made these decisions in the White House. Only once we have this evidence can we adequately pursue justice.

What is now required is for the House to pass these contempt of Congress citations and pursue legal action against the White House and Harriet Miers for their failure to meet the requirements of the subpoenas. Hopefully this contempt of Congress resolution will soon have a vote on the floor of the House. I am not prepared to allow this administration to operate above the law.

Thank you for your continued support for a better democracy.

Your Friend,

John Conyers, Jr. 


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    • sharon on September 20, 2007 at 22:59

    Heading out the door for a couple of hours.  Will be back to hear what the more learned than I think about this ambiguous email.

  1. Slow as molasses in January.

  2. two years, our fellow Docudharmans Alma and Tahoebasha3 did as well, and we are all very disappointed in Conyers. 

    When he had no power to Impeach he was all for it and introduced a Resolution, held hearings on the Downing Street memo, etc, but when he finally got the power to Impeach he quit talking about it completely.

    Pelosi has a lot to do with that, but Conyers bears a lot of personal responsibility for this shameful refusal to Impeach the P and VP of this war criminal government.

    I’m not a lawyer, but it doesn’t take much legal knowledge to know that regular contempt of Congress and legal action are going to be easily stonewalled and delayed by BushCo.

    If Pelosi/Conyerset al are going to cave on Impeachment, they should at least pursue Inherent Contempt.

  3. hi sharon.

    Sounds like Conyers is leaving wiggle room because he does not know what Congress will do, if anything.

    Conyers is talking about 2 discrete issues at one time, going back and forth amongst the issues.

    1.  Conyers is saying we have reason to allege WH role in gonzogate but do not have evidence to pursue justice, presumably criminal prosecution or impeachment. (ha, that will be the day!) I think the dems may define “justice” as anything and nothing at all.

    If they were considering impeachment, they have enough to proceed now. So, he is hinting at criminal prosecution which requires some evidence other than speculation and hunches.

    Essentially, Conyers, and I luv this guy, is just stringing the left along, using key words in ambiguous context so that subjective minds see hope.  Down the road, when this delay game has rendered real action not viable, then he or the dems will be more specific as to the meaning of these words.

    2. On contempt, conyers says he wants to get the full house to pass the contempt citations against WH and Miers so that Congress can take legal action.

    If the legal action is not inherent contempt, then the feckless dems will get nowhere. So far, many members of congress are not even aware of the existence of their inherent contempt powers.

    So far, MSM reports published since this scandal broke, have indicated that  congress intends to ask pretty please will justice file with grand jury, seeking statutory contempt. Bush said ain’t gonna happen.

    Congress could ask gonzo for a special prosecutor, yeah, right.

    Congress could pass law for indy prosecutor for statutory contempt. Bush would veto.

    Some believe that congress has authority to hire private counsel to implement statutory contempt, but most say can not do. Congress can hire private counsel for legal actions, but this statute is pretty specific that it is the AG that has mandatory duty to file action with grand jury. Private attorneys can’t just implement a statute that vests authority in AG. Bush says duty is not mandatory and he can tell AG what to do, and he has told them do not file actions. Current status is this issue has to be litigated but dems, who really have the better case, sit back and do nothing.

    This issue was raised years ago, and congress was successful in tossing case out of court for parties to negotiate and then Reagan ultimately blinked.

    So, conyers and the dems do a little song and dance, raising the issue from time to time to make it look like they are doing something, when the whole game plan is continue being the feckless, spineless, do nothing but kiss up to bush congress.

    hope this clears up his bs a little.

    • vigkat on September 21, 2007 at 02:33

    Unfortunately, I currently am not at liberty to engage in any sort of legal analysis on this or any other blog, which is frustrating, but a reality.  At some point early next year, that will change and I will be free to discuss the sort of question you have posed.  I look forward to that time.  Until then, I must refrain. Dammit.

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