Pedophilia rawks!

Okay, so no, pedophilia doesn’t ‘rawk’, exactly.  But it was the only thing that budhy said we couldn’t write about here.  And now that he is “the man”, I just had the irrepressible desire to “stick it to him”. 

Congrats on being “the man” now, budhy.  Cheers.

(This diary brought to you by the Libertarian Party. -Turkana, who’s going to enjoy abusing his power…)


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  1. …to be autobanned?

  2. But to argue the points of substance in your diary….well, first you would have had to include at least one. Second please define ‘rawks.’ Without agreement on vocabulary a true discussion of the exact degree of rawkitude is impossible.

    To argue on process, I didn’t intend to indicate you couldn’t right ON pedophilia here, but that you can’t write actual pedophilia here.

    For the record, and pertinent to libertarianism….you can definitely write ON drugs here.

    (how did I do? Did I project The Man essence? It;s my first time!)

    • srkp23 on August 22, 2007 at 16:09

    fun place indeed.

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