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NN08 – Part II – Where’s our goddam impeachment Nancy?

Note to my good friends at Docudharma:  This diary and the criticism it contains is not aimed at you but at the GOS.  I post it here for your amusement and out of respect for my brother buhdydharma and for all of you here at DD.  Peace.

The fact that we welcomed Nancy Pelosi to Netroots Nation, purportedly a gathering of leftists and progressives, has to make you wonder.  For the most part we sat there with our thumbs up our asses, drooling like idiots and lapping up the ‘respect’ we were shown by the mere presence of this illustrious traitor to everything I thought we stood for.


NN08 – Part I – Old Friends/New Friends

NN08 was everything I hoped it would be and considerably more.  I saw many old friends from last year, met face-to-face many old friends whom I had not met before and made many new ones as well.  There is something totally amazing about meeting an online friend in meat space for the first time.  In the Paradise restaurant on 6th Street in Austin on the first night of the conference I witnessed it happen five times back-to-back one right after another.  It was pure magic.


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