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Action! Send your Congress Critter a “Get Well” card

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get screwed

    I was recently told that an effective way of contacting my Congress Critter is to write a hand written letter and then send it off to them. Apparently, the effort that goes into writing an actual letter is a clear signal that I mean business, much more so than a phone call that never reaches my Congressperson or an e-mail that can be easily deleted.

    Therefore, I propose that we all get some “Get Well Cards” and send them off to our Representatives in Congress. That way, they will know we really, really care.

    We know the votes are there. Are the vertebrae there is the question.

Sorry you are a pussy


Choosing the right card is important. It can be funny or angry, home made or store bought, and you should definitely personalize the message on the inside.

the turth will set you free

    The message should be as clear as daylight. We want health care reform with a real and robust public option. You want to get re-elected. We should work together in order to accomplish our goals.


    Send one to both your Senators and your Congressional Representative, as well as your local State Representatives. Let them know that the American public will not tolerate bullshit on this issue, or any other issue where the status quo and Big Business stands in the way of real reform and progress.

    Mailing addresses for your Representative in the House can be found here at writerep.house.gov

    And your Senators mailing address can be found here at www.senate.gov


Fuck This

I’ll deal more with this later.

What Dick Pound said was really dumb – and also true

Was Canada once a land of savages? And is saying so tantamount to racism? Many people would answer no, and yes. That’s why Dick Pound, the high-profile Olympics figure, is in a heap of trouble for describing the Canada of four centuries ago as ” un pays de sauvages.” He was talking to a reporter from La Presse about the Beijing Olympics and the issue of human rights. “We must not forget that 400 years ago, Canada was a land of savages, with scarcely 10,000 inhabitants of European descent, while in China, we’re talking about a 5,000-year-old civilization,” he said.

More bullshit of the dominant cultures “superiority.” Anything to make them feel better about the Pipeline and the Caledonia land dispute.

The Dominant culture was so much more “civilized,” they put the Indigenous children in holes in the ground who had been kidnapped and forced into Boarding Schools.

Liveblog?: End of the Primaries

Anyone else watching this shit?

You know, every politician always talks about cars with fuel cells and hybrids and shit and making driving more affordable.  Doesn’t this seem to be obviously only one possibility?  What if we can’t do that?  What if we need to live a bit differently?  Markets are already considering this possibility.

Let’s see if we can do a liveblog here.


I’m done. I hate you JeffinAlabama.


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