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Naked City

“Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to see the Naked City…This story was not photographed in a studio…quite the contrary. The actors played out their roles in the streets and buildings of New York itself.”

note: Naked City, a crime drama that focused on the lives of the detectives of New York’s 65th Precinct, was voted “The Best Cop Show Ever” by New York City Policemen. It was first aired in 1958 and ran for 4 seasons and won 4 primetime emmies. This was the first network series to be filmed entirely in New York City.

I was on a stakeout in the 65th when the call came in. I was waiting in my squad car for the snitch with the big break I’d been waiting on. It was now or never, I had one chance to break this case wide open…

Talk with Local Farmer Raises Questions about Joe Bruno’s Consulting Firm

So I went looking for pumpkins today.  There is a nice farm a mile or two away that offers hay rides and pumpkin picking.  The farmer was very nice, he had moved here from out west and was trying his best at agri-tourism.  His farm is rather large, he rents acreage out to other farmers and grows his own veggies, corn, pumpkins etc.

One year the farmer decided he’d like to add a snow tube ride in the winter months to help him pay the mortgage.  He did his research and on the government’s website found that snow tubing was a certified agri-tourism business.  Enter Joe Bruno’s local thug, the existing town supervisor, Herrington.  Herrington also runs a large farm and has done his best to squeeze out other farmers, then sell their land to corporations like Wal*Mart.

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