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A Healthy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Pictures, Images and PhotosWhether you are going out to a family gathering, having the clan over or just a quiet dinner for two, Thanksgiving can be a daunting affair and for some more stressful than enjoyable. For the last 20 or more years I haven’t cooked Thanksgiving dinner. My daughter took over that task because I was usually working the night before and that night. Emergencies usually don’t take a holiday break, in fact they usually break out. This year is no different except that I only work per diem in a very small ER 5 minutes from my house. I still  do some of the shopping, pre-prep and desserts. Anyway, I digress.

 I am going to post a few of the healthy easy to make recipes for side dishes that are tasty (tested a few of them on my fussy food critics) and can be prepared ahead, easing some of that stress on the big day. I’m also going to give you the best instruction for a roast turkey that will be cooked through and NOT dry compliments of Alton Brown who makes cooking entertaining and educational. There are several web sites that I use and I found them well worth the free subscription. Epicurious is indispensable. The site also helps with wine selections.

 I do not stuff the turkey either. It takes less time and the turkey cooks more evenly.

 There one piece of equipment that is worth the investment and, if you’re a cook, will wonder how you ever lived without it, an oven thermometer with a probe and an alarm that tells you when the correct temperature has been reached. The one I have also gives the oven temperature. It’s not absolutely necessary but takes out the guessing if the meat is done.

 For those who are vegetarians, The NYT has quite a few recipes for Thanksgiving

Going Vegetarian for Thanksgiving

Epicurious also has suggestions for Thanksgiving Dinner under $80, in 60 minutes and on a diet

Thanksgiving Recipes, Menus, and Videos

The Week in Health and Fitness

I have been posting the links to articles about health, fitness and nutrition, along with healthy recipes in ek hornbeck’s daily news round up. Since life is now making greater demands on my time both on and off line, I thought a weekly separate essay at the end of the week would be a good idea.

  I’ll try to include the more interesting and pertinent articles that will help the community awareness of their health and bodies. I thought about including the healthy recipes but this week they will appear in a different essay for Thanksgiving since there are so many.

  This essay will not be posted anywhere else due to constraints on my time and in January it will be coming to you from Paris, Fr. for awhile.

  Be Healthy. Be Safe

Enter The Meatrix

     For those of us who often wonder where our food comes from, but don’t exactly want to visit the abattoir, themeatrix.com has the power to open your mind a bit. Before you click the video and take the red pill, I offer you the blue pill if you want to bail out now.

    If you have gone this far, there is no turning back now.

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