Rating America’s Next Top Model Cycle 8 or so

This is something that maybe only me and Melvin care about, but meet the next hopefuls for America’s Next Top Models!

Looks like another boring cycle for the Blondes, with the only one of interest being Smallface leaning over in the middle. Though I think Blondie on the lower left has pretty facial features, I don’t think she can suck her stomach in for an entire season.

Looks like they also went with more Eastern Europeans this year, hopefully their broken English like a certain Russian from the last cycle will continue to make my prose appear to be Shakespearean. I have never understood these girl’s obsession with pulling their hair back to expose Fiveheads.

The girl front and center is my early favorite, with the the redhead to her right (our left) being cute as a button too. But the long black hair and almond eyes of Elven Queen in the middle just reminds me of the kind of woman you can throw up into the air and she turns into sunshine. Or breaks your heart for shits and giggles.

Kudos to the girls in the middle far right and left for nailing down two of Tyra’s favorite poses. Only thing you need to do is cry and you will find yourself deep in the competition!

I am also glad there are no stick-thin heroin-drug-addled looking girls this cycle, that shit was more tired than Miss J’s act.

Anyone else got any favorites? Melvin?

Promotion and Roll Out

Please don’t promote or recommend this.  It will last quite long enough anyway.

Things that are pretty much settled-

Target Launch- September 3rd

budhy is going to write the initial welcome, all of us who care to may write and xpost welcoming essays of our own after that.

Now some topics for further discussion-

1. What blogs are we going to target for the Roll Out.

2. How are they going to feel about that?

I’m hoping we don’t run into any problems, but Booman pretty much already considers me an assclown because I don’t participate more at his place.  Frankly it’s been dealing with the anti orange sentiment that’s kept me away and I have the same problem at MLW except that MSOC seems to tolerate my neglectfulness a little better.

Because it could be viewed as poaching I’d like to suggest that there be no more than 1 “Hey check out DocuDharma” per site per day.  Even less if the site is not heavily trafficed.

I don’t have any problem at all with keeping up this campaign for a month or more though.  In fact I think it’s a good idea to pete and repeat the message for maximum exposure.

I guess what I’m looking for in the comments is a list of target blogs we can all agree on (as well as identifying any that are too sensitive to touch) AND some volunteers besides buhdy and myself who want to help out in promotion.

I’ll have to write one, at least for dK, because I’m a full disclosure kind of guy, but if you’re not comfortable doing it, that’s ok too.

Team Meta Meat

A request!

A suggestion!

A toothless demand!

A threat to hold my breath!

But NOT a rebuke!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can we keep non meta essays (yay to essays replacing ‘diaries,’ btw) off the FP for now? I know everyone wants to play with our new toy….but….

I am still recruiting, so new folks are still coming in. We have a LOT of meta stuff to work out. So I would LIKE to keep the FP focussed on that kind o stuff and keep the non meta stuff in the recent list.

There is a box under other options on the essay writin’ page to determine if it is an FP post or a recent list post.

But that’s just me. I have a bit of an anti-TOO much chaos fetish. It is a weakness you all will need to beat out of me. I am almost always willing to be overruled.

What say you?

We are trying for consensus decision making here. Which brings us to …


Polls will be very important here and I URGE folks to put them up and to vote in them as much as possible.

Even if you just barely care please vote in as many as possible.

Jefferson was the first one to say that representative govt. only works if people show up….so show up!


Is the Pony/Pie/Hide rating system too cutsie?

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(brought to you by Cobalt6)

William Wallace: It’s all for nothing if you don’t have freedom.

Sir William Wallace (c. 1270 – August 23, 1305) was a knight and Scottish patriot, who led a resistance against the English occupation of Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence. He is considered to be the greatest hero in Scotland’s history.

Wallace was the inspiration for the poem, The Acts and Deeds of Sir William Wallace, Knight of Elderslie, by the 15th century minstrel, Blind Harry. The 1995 film Braveheart is based on the poem.

William Wallace: Ego sum hominus indomitus.

From the Book Of Days:

He was hung in a noose, and afterwards let down half-living; next his genitals were cut off and his bowels torn out and burned in a fire; then and not till then his head was cut off and his trunk cut into four pieces.
Matthew of Westminster, on William Wallace’s execution on August 23, 1305

… I would relate
How Wallace fought for Scotland; left the name
Of ‘Wallace’ to be found like a wild flower
All over his dear country; left the deeds
Of Wallace, like a family of ghosts
To people the steeps rocks and river banks
Her natural sanctuaries, with a local soul
Of independence and stern Liberty.

William Wordsworth, English poet

William Wallace: There’s a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom. And I go to make sure that they have it.

23 Aug 1305:  Sir William Wallace (born c. 1270), the Scottish nationalist, was hanged, drawn and quartered at The Elms, in Smithfield, London. His story was loosely told in the 1995 movie Braveheart.

  Wallace’s head was stuck on a spike on London Bridge, his right leg taken to Berwick, and his left to Perth; his left arm was taken to Stirling and his right arm hung above the bridge at Newcastle-upon-Tyne over the sewer. Sir John de Segrave earned 10 shillings for conveying Wallace’s dismembered body in accordance with King Edward’s wishes, “for terror and rebuke to all who pass by and behold them”.

  “There is a local tradition that when the flesh had fallen away, the monks from Cambuskenneth Abbey went at dead of night to collect what remained of the left arm. This they buried in the Abbey ground, the hand outstretched and pointing toward Abbey Craig, the site of Wallace’s superb victory.”  Source

William Wallace: [last line he is able to speak before he dies – and in spite of agonizing pain under torture, he shouts this:] FREEEEE-DOMMMMMM.


just trying to leave comments but can’t… don’t know why and, fyi dear admins, there’s a black box following me around here… seriously i mean…

so this seemed the next best thing
as we are still in test mode (see buhdy, i said we…)

but happy to see old friends here and just wanted to say hellooooo to everybody except ek, who is ignoring me at present

i don’t have any ponies, but i do have a cute joke


WELL… you might relate to this woman’s tale…

I was sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment with a new dentist. I noticed his DDS diploma, which bore his full name.

Suddenly, I remembered a tall, handsome, dark-haired boy with the same name had been in my high school class nearly 40 years ago. Could he be the same guy that I had a secret crush on, way back then?

Upon seeing him, however, I quickly discarded any such thought. This balding, gray-haired man with the deeply lined face was way too old to have been my classmate.

After he examined my teeth, I asked him if he had attended Morgan Park High School.

“Yes. Yes, I did. I’m a mustang,” he gleamed with pride.

“When did you graduate?” I asked.

He answered, “in 1968. Why do you ask?”

“You were in my class!” I exclaimed.

He looked at me closely. Then, that ugly, old, wrinkled, bald, fat, gray, decrepit son-of-a-bitch asked, “What did you teach

It can’t be, wait, IMPOSSIBLE, how could it, OH MY GAWD…

This was a test, just a test.

Meta will be our fried.

melvin’s statement of intent re: Docudharma

The dirty hippies at Lawrence Livermore tell me that global warming is costing us now, and in the past few years, $5 billion annually in lost production of cereal grains alone.

Consider: esteemed public research institutions are tallying and analyzing the losses, monetary and otherwise, that have already been caused by global warming, and we still have idiots in the Senate that deny its reality.

Politics be damned for the sideshow and fool’s game that it is. Reality is elsewhere.

Thirty, fifty years after it emerged as an issue in scientific discourse, global warming has finally made it into public awareness.

Here’s my problem.

Global warming is only one part of the emergent catastrophe. And we don’t have the luxury of another fifty years. There is no more margin.

I believe that in the long run the sixth global mass extinction event, already underway, is a catastrophe second only to global warming in significance. The two are intimately intertwined, but the present, ongoing, catastrophic collapse of global biodiversity proceeds almost completely unrecognized and certainly unnoticed by the culture at large.

It just can’t go on like this for long. Biologists know it. Jane Goodall and E. O. Wilson and Richard Leakey know it, but nobody is listening to them.

You can only pull so many threads from a tapestry without the entire structure collapsing. We are perilously close to ecosystem collapse, and we are sleepwalking over this cliff.

I believe that it is essential that the “larger we” become more fully aware of this imminent pauperization of the world’s primary infrastructure, its first-level economy, on which all else is built, and that we begin to reverse it now.

The catastrophic loss of biodiversity is not primarily about cutie-pie pandas and adorable giraffes. It is about the collapse of fisheries that properly managed could feed millions, the loss of forests that are the lungs of the planet and at the same time the livelihood of indigenous people who have managed them wisely for centuries.

Like all catastrophes, this one will hit the poor the hardest. In what we used to call the third world (I can see it out my window) people live close to the ground. They depend more immediately, that is to say, on ecosystem resources than the typical resident of Gotham, although Gotham eats and breathes and shits too, much like everyone else.

And hell yes, it is also about who we are. We become less human when we shrug our shoulders at the demise of the baiji, the tiger, the grizzly, the meadowlark. Who do we measure ourselves against, once the giants are gone? Who taught us to sing but the birds?

We are the products of hundreds of millions of years of evolution – not the crown of creation, at most a smallish gem in the tiara – and it is the height of folly to expect our children to thrive in a world that is not fit for animals.

It is imperative that a way be found to assign proper value to ecosytem services and products (potable water for the cities of New York and Sydney and Jerusalem, food for a great number of people with more pressing worries than the housing bubble, carbon sinks whose value transcends these pitiful valuations currently assessed).

I believe that it is time for a great reintegration with the natural world. Following McDonough’s hints, there will be no waste, just as there is none in nature. There will only be nutrient streams.

We condemn the Christian fanatics for sacking the library at Alexandria and burning the works of Sappho, and turn a blind eye to the pyres in Papua and Uganda and Amazonia that consume we know not what answers, cures, miracles. We, who should know better.

A thousand Al Gores won’t solve the problem. We need a general awakening. We need a sea change in human attitudes.

Let’s start now. Let the integration begin. There is plenty of everything if we only abandon the philosophy of scarcity and adopt the philosophy of abundance that is embodied in the myriad of blossoms on the fruit trees and the uncountable salmon in the few rivers we have not dammed. The earth has never failed us; there is no reason to think she ever will.

Open Thread TEST

Time to post – 4:00 AM PDT

This should go on the front page

So Say We All

I’m trying to organize the kind of meta conversations we should be having so we can set up a really polished and productive site.

On the Bus’ Invocation, budhy’s Mission Statement, and Turkana’s Structure have sparked a lot of agreement as you would expect from such a like-minded group.

Below the fold I’m going to post some things that should be conventional wisdom.

So say we all.

In On the Bus’s Invocation the following issues were raised and settled-

We don’t have to put a fraking <p> before each Comment.

Blessed be her holy hooves, may they never be shod.

So Say We All.

We’re going to choose a pleasing color scheme.

So Say We All.

melvin has a problem with boundaries.


That’s the kind of thing we’re discussing in Look and Feel

Mission Statement

Passion, politics, poetry, prose and ponies. Silliness, snark and a serious effort to frame the future. A river of words, thought, philosophy and action that nourishes and transforms the political cultural and social landscape through which it passes. That is the spirit behind this “place.”

In practice…write whatever the hell you want! There are no rigid restrictions here, it is a salon and a laboratory and a place to create a new reality. A reality based on compassion, empathy and caring for the people and the planet, while acknowledging the harsh realities of the world we live in and the difficulty of the tasks ahead. The complexities of greed, corruption and the petty politics of ‘human nature’ in the face of climate crisis and seven billion souls …will not be overcome by black and white solutions or electoral processes, but by becoming the change we wish to see and helping others to do the same. Not through top down enforcement, but through people working together, a model of cooperation, not competition.

In other words….Hey Kids! Let’s put on an evolution! This is a place for each of us to do our 1/seven billionth of that together, and hopefully speed the process of change along through a synergy of our ideas, intentions  and actions. Now let’s get out there and change the world!

So Say We All.

Implementation of the Mission Statement-

All of us here love Daily Kos, and I would guess most of us love it best for the creative and community aspects of it. And while we all know that the stated purpose of electing Democrats is not SOLELY what it is about, that stated mission ….plus other factors….does impose some limitations on the Great Orange Playground.

Here we are hoping to provide/create the same type of community – albeit slightly less crowded – but with far fewer limitations and restrictions. And if possible, even more creative thought.

I want to stress that even though my name is (sorta) on the masthead, I want this blog to belong to ALL of us here. Input is VERY welcome on all levels. I would very much like this to be about US blogging the future,and thus in our small way, helping to create it. I will surrender to consensus as much as possible, but I have found that someone has to have the last word and take responsibility…that someone is me. But… I do NOT ‘own’ the community.

That being said, NO ONE will will you what you cannot write about here….including for example theories on 9/11….though I trust we are all too intelligent for much of that kind of stuff. Pedophilia is about the only thing that will draw objections, lol. The point being that no subject matter nor speculative thought is, to coin a phrase….off the table.

So please, take your shoes off and relax and let your creative juices unlimber and flow. Go where thou wilt. Being us, we will talk a lot about politics and the current idiocies occurring in the world around us….I’m sure we will resemble dkos quite a bit in that regard. But fiction is welcome, as is poetry as is just about anything else you want to try. I am not guaranteeing a you will get a positive response, hahaha, I am just saying you will not be reproved for trying it or banned for going out on a limb. (Speaking of which, the first subject for community discussion can be our moderation system….input is very much wanted there…but more on that later.)

So Say We All.

Actually there are spelling things and stuff I’d change about that if I could, but it will do for a starting point.

A reminder!

The existence of Docudharma is till a secret until we officially launch!

by: buhdydharma @ Mon Aug 20, 2007 at 18:01:54 PM PDT


So Say We All.

Bad Things

Per Turkana

i would say SOME stuff should be off-limits- bigotry, advocation of violence, pooties…

and we certainly don’t want this to turn into another i/p flame war site, or another kos-bashing site- there are enough of them, anyway…

i would love if some of the talented people who left dk (for one or another reason) found their ways here, not to nurse old grudges, but to participate and give their best. people start with clean slates, but if they begin to revisit old battles, we need to tell them to stop- or leave.

overall, i think we will be more rambunctious and more playful, but still with hard-hitting politics. there should be more art, more random intellectuality, and more in-depth issues analysis. we can do our partisan politics and horse race stuff on dk. some of that here, too; but more of a focus on issues, on redefining what it is to be a modern liberal, and how to truly transform our society and body politic towards true justice and fairness.

Per budhy in response-

Forbidden things

Dkos bashing. period. . period. .

And from Peeders diary on making as completely an unrestricted blog as possible.

“……spam/crapflooding, malware (linking to phishing sites, spyware sites, etc), or criminality (including e.g. calling for or planning assassinations, terrorism, pedophilia or daterapes). Those things will be at least deleted and the accounts from which they were shat may be banned. Also, I’ll have to obey court orders, but I’ll try to be as open about such things as I can…..”

Are strictly verbotten.

Shergald is Pre-banned.

And overall, as I say, the buck stops with me….even peeder says that there has to be one person who has the final say.

I am planning the worlds first internet consensus zen dictatorship.

Again spelling.  I hope history will be as kind to us as to the Founders about creative spelling.  I’d like a link to the peeder diary too, but I suppose I could look it up myself

So Say We All.

Copyright policies are unresovled in this thread.  But Pooties have been, they are ok.

Labels for the Rating System have been resolved, though there is a Front Page Poll up.  I think pie is undescriptive.

Turkana suggests a late night diary.  This has branched off into a News Division of which he and I and Magnifico are supposed to be in charge.

We have kind of a roll out date set, September 3rdEveryone should keep this in mind.  Personally I think it’s very tight.

I raise some issues I think are still relevant, Look and Feel is up and I’m already fucking with your mind.


The FAQ is not settled yet, I still think 2 parts- how, and why.  I hope I have faithfully transimteed why to this point.

Marketing Plan, Promotion, Relationship with other blogs all unaddressed by me so far, but just you wait ‘enry ‘iggings

Thanks to Armando however, we do have a benckmark of civility.  If you have a problem with being called a coward and an idiot…

Perhaps you best try another hobby.  So Say We All.

Now as buhdy suggests onto Turkana’s Structure.

We seem to have a lot of content.  Good.  Less work for me and I am very lazy.

Turkana suggests, and no one disagrees, on a few basic rules of Front Page Respect.  That there should be about 2 or 3 hours between them.  That they should be semi-co-ordinated with regular times encouraged.  That there should be a private blog to help achieve this co-ordination (a la Rescue Rangers).  That you should be prepared to tend your diary until the next scheduled diary.  That there should be a published schedule of diarists.  That one diary should be a round up of good diaries and top comments from around the web.  That there should be a News Diary every day.

I’m posting this as a summary because it’s time to start thrashing this out again.  If I’ve skipped your favorite part (and my summary of Turkana’s diary does not do it justice), feel free to beat me up about it.

Help! …..I am holding me down!

(Bwahhahhahhahhah! – promoted by ek hornbeck)

Help, help! I am being repres….I mean….
Help, help I am repressing myself!!!

Now that I am, as Jay Elias points out….The Man…..I feel a real urge to jack myself up against a wall, cuff myself, and give myself a good going over with a night stick!

Plus, I keep inextricably telling myself to get a fucking haircut!

Maybe I should just repress myself until I need glasses?

In any case I am looking forward to the day when I will be the subject of a Farcical Aquatic Ceremony, and my sinecure as Permanent Ruler of The Dharmaniacs is Writ into Holy Law.

Btw….first order of business, you must all grow forelocks AND practice your doffing!

The Perseids: As though to breathe were life (a revisiting)

(This is a revisit to a diary I wrote last year. We’ve passed the peak of the Perseids for this year, but if you have a clear night, you will see random meteor showers. If you are patient. I watched at least three fall by tonight, between the clouds, as they chased the dark aside. Make a wish now.)

Perseids - August 2004 From that eternal silence, something more,
A bringer of new things

Unchained stars, released from the bonds of eternity, flailing and burning their way through the universe, past our eyes, but visible if we but keep eyes wide open, staring outward, staring upward. Sometimes staring slightly off-center of what we want to see.  Looking at stars is like that – sometimes you cannot look directly at a star to really see it. 

Will we see a death of elements, or a burgeoning of life encompassed in light, a changing of matter into energy? Will we see the souls that stars become, the souls of people long gone, long passed from here and now there, so far up there?

As though to breathe were life.

I’m certain souls attach to stars that burn bright, then fade, then fly away and back around in patterns of time too complex to understand, even as we plot and calculate orbits and speed. As meteors, rocks of flame and heat, our souls might cross the sky and blaze the message so quickly bright, “we are never gone, we will never die”; it all occurs within an arena so cold and still and contains spectators of infinity as stars in the field fall apart and spread their own integral elements across a void.  The earth right now has a front row seat to a great show.

Archive story link: Make the most of the meteor shower

The Perseids are raining again. It’s time for the meteor shower that occurs each year and I want to exhort anyone who can see the sky with a modicum of visibility – not too many city lights, no rising full moon – to step outside sometime in the next 48 hours at late twilight or early dawn or the middle of the night. Just wait, if you can, and you will see a falling star. It’s not really falling, you know – a star has no understanding of “down”.

Though much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are.

Most say the Perseid shower won’t be that spectacular this weekend, due the brightness of the moon.  For comparison and an interesting description of why Perseid is Perseid, follow the link below to the Astronomy Picture of the Day site picture from last year’s shower on August 15, 2005 – (need bandwidth and click on picture to see animation):

August 2005 Perseid link: Perseid Meteor Shower 2005

There lies the port; the vessel puffs her sail:
There gloom the dark broad seas.

When I was a kid, I could walk to the edge of a cliff near the Pacific Ocean and watch at twilight for falling stars. The setting sun competes with other mysteries of the universe at that time of day, and the reflections from restless waves often battle with opposing lights from space as the horizon glows gold and pale blue and fades.  And so, I was not often fortunate to see my favored falling stars. Sometimes there would be the strange and eerie presence of dancing and floating phosphorescence on the water, an anomaly of ocean sea creatures much like green lightning bugs in a swarm hovering over the inky ocean waves, or an aurora on the water.  I thought this was the breath of whales when I was young.

And this grey spirit yearning in desire
To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.

Stars have saved my life.  When I’ve been down and ridiculously depressed and perhaps a lowly Wellbutrin away from worse, stars have grabbed me by my mental ears and given me a shake, “look, you; all this and we’re up here, too, so vast and all-surrounding as to make the biggest earthly care insignificant.”

The long day wanes: the slow moon climbs: the deep
Moans round with many voices. Come, my friends,
‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.

I have my favorite constellations. The Big Dipper. Some nights, I’ll watch the Dipper pour out other stars flung out into the galaxy, our worries that have gathered in the concave and tilting cup. Orion’s belt compels me to trace his figure in the darkened sky with an admiring eye and imagine the bearded Hunter on his hunt. I fancy the Milky Way, too, and memories of reading Sendak’s “In the Night Kitchen” to my daughters come to mind:

In the Night Kitchen Milk in the batter!
Milk in the batter!
Stir it! Scrape it!
Make it! Bake it!

I’m no scientist or major astronomy buff; I take a passing interest and every-so-often fleeting obsession in what goes on in space. I’m a regular observer of shuttle launches, a habit left over from growing up on Gemini, and Apollo, Kennedy’s drive to put a man on the moon.  I understand why JFK looked to the stars for a goal to reach for, succeed at, and best the competition. It wasn’t just about getting there first; it was also a lot about comprehending the depth and breadth of what lies beyond our earthbound existence. We are such insular creatures, otherwise.

One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

If you can, go out, look at a star and maybe a falling star, or even a shower of star lights if your darkness is just right.  They say it may be “a dud”. Don’t believe all you hear. I spent 15 minutes outside – right now at 2 AM PST – and I caught ’em, I caught my fallings stars.  White light painted by a rapid hand against a dark silk canvas. An extraordinary experience and once again, I am in the Night Kitchen.

Think of this as you think of all of us – the stars and planets are in the same sky that everyone on earth can see, regardless of what nation, what state, what province, what county, what continent in which exists our human condition. Even if you miss a Perseid, you will still see the sky and the stars. It is the same sky, the same comet that passes by on its continuous trip around our part of the universe. Only the earthbound can see the constellations. We all can see stars from wherever we are, whoever we are in the galaxy.  Go outside, look up, watch and breathe.

Meteor across the sky smite
The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
Of all the western stars, until I die.

…that which we are, we are.

(excerpts lifted from “Ulysses” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

Thank you for allowing my reindulgence.


As I can not resist selecting “pie” for everything, I may find myself rating things as “pie”, not for nefarious reasons, but because, well, I can’t NOT choose pie if it is an option.

So……..if anyone gets a rating of “pie” from me, just know that it is a labor of love.

Of course, if that means autobanning, then I will have to reconsider the default setting I have as well.

With that, best of luck with the site and I am looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Oh yeah, and enjoying my #23 UID (which is my favorite number as well….)

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