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The best energy source you’ve never heard of

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There is an energy source that is abundant, clean, renewable, and locally available.  It’s also almost entirely untapped, even though the technology to tap a lot of it already exists.  It’s enhanced geothermal, which involves tapping the Earth’s heat with deep mines (miles deep).  A panel at MIT wrote about it, and I’m impressed.  The full report (400 pages) is at this site this site

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Work with Republicans? NO. Work AGAINST them

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It is time to unite the country.  Time and past time to do, if you ask me.  But *how* shall we unite the country?  Shall we attempt to reach out to the -more moderate- less crazy Republicans? If so, *how* should we do it?

Major polls show most of the head to head presidential races tight.  Yes, folks, a lot of people say they would vote for Giuliani against Clinton, Obama, or Edwards.  Latest polls show all three winning, but not by much.

So, what should we do?

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