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On Sunday

  Explosions hit cars of Hamas officials in Gaza City

  Palestinian security sources say two people injured in blasts targeting officials of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

19 Jul 2015 08:36 GMT

Two people have been injured in multiple car explosions in northern Gaza City, Palestinian security sources said.

The sources said six explosions took place at same time on Sunday morning in the Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood.

The cars belonged to officials of Islamic Jihad, Hamas and its armed wing, the Qassam Brigades.

Interior ministry spokesman Iyad al-Buzom released a brief statement in which he accused “vandals” seeking to destabilise Gaza of carrying out the explosions.

He said security officials started an investigation and would pursue the criminals.

Sunday’s Headlines:

 A Government Divided: Schäuble’s Push for Grexit Puts Merkel on Defensive

Australia’s war on cats: Government plans to cull 2 million by 2020

Local elections in North Korea unlikely to bring change

South Korea spy kills himself amid hacking scandal

Privacy fears over hacking revelations

Six In The Morning

On Sunday

  Angela’s Ashes: How Merkel Failed Greece and Europe

   Angela Merkel relishes her reputation as queen of Europe. But she hasn’t learned how to use her power, instead allowing a bad situation to heat up to the boiling point. Her inability to take unpopular stances badly exacerbated the Greek crisis.

By Peter Müller and René Pfister

Angela Merkel was already leaving for the weekend when she received the call that would change everything. The chancellor had just had a grueling day, spending all of it in meetings with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras — sometimes as part of a larger group, and others with only him and French President François Hollande.

They discussed debt restructuring and billions of euros in additional investments. When it comes to issues important to him, Tsipras can be exhaustingly stubborn. In the end, though, Merkel was left with the feeling the EU summit was the milestone that could quite possibly mark a turn for the better.

Sunday’s Headlines:

How Britain and the US decided to abandon Srebrenica to its fate

Sobriety, not austerity

The Nevada ranchers taking on Washington

“We Will Not Negotiate With Boko Haram From A position Of Weakness”-Nigerian Govt

Pope starts Latin American visit in Ecuador

Six In The Morning

On Sunday

 Bangladesh completes garmet factory collapse probe

  Court set to decide whether to put building owners and several officials on trial for deaths of 1,200 workers in 2013.

28 Jun 2015 06:42 GMT

The investigation into the deadly collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh in 2013 has been completed.

Nearly 1,200 garment workers were killed when the Rana Plaza building came crashing down.

A court is about to decide whether it will put the building owners and a number of government officials on trial.

Meanwhile, survivors recall their tragic experiences as they continue to suffer from their injuries and feel neglected.

Al Jazeera’s Maher Sattar reports from Dhaka.

Sunday’s Headlines:

Greece is doomed

Pope Francis recruits Naomi Klein in climate change battle

Isis, a year of the caliphate: How powerful is the ‘Islamic State’ and what threat does it really pose to West?

Confronting the Past: America Finally Turns Its Attention to Rampant Racism

Activists: IS fighters kill 200 civilians in Syrian town

Six In The Morning

On Sunday

 Charleston shootings: Emanuel AME church to reopen



The African-American church in which nine parishioners were shot dead in South Carolina is to reopen for services on Sunday.

Members of Emanuel AME church met again on Saturday in the room where their friends died on Wednesday.

Many more people are expected to attend the service at 09:00 (13:00 GMT).

Meanwhile, police are investigating an online post, possibly by the gunman, that appears to outline his motivation for the attack.

One of those who attended Saturday’s meeting, Harold Washington, said the church’s doors would be open to all on Sunday.

“We’re gonna have people come by that we’ve never seen before and will probably never see again, and that’s OK,” he said.

Sunday’s Headlines:

11 myths about the future of gun control, debunked after the Charleston shooting

We cannot destroy Isis. We will have to learn to live with it

The New Kingdom: Saudi Arabia’s Contradictory Transformation

‘If the theatre decided to take a step that is political, there is a price’

8 million mummified animals, mostly dogs, in catacombs at Egypt site

Six In The Morning

On Sunday

 Fifa corruption: Documents show details of Jack Warner ‘bribes’


 By Ed Thomas BBC News, Trinidad

A BBC investigation has seen evidence that details what happened to the $10m sent from Fifa to accounts controlled by former vice-president Jack Warner.

The money, sent on behalf of South Africa, was meant to be used for its Caribbean diaspora legacy programme.

But documents suggest Mr Warner used the payment for cash withdrawals, personal loans and to launder money.

The 72-year-old, who has been indicted by the FBI for corruption, denies all claims of wrongdoing.

Sunday’s Headlines:

Half the dolphins caught in Japan hunt exported despite global outcry: report

War with Isis: As the militant threat grows, so does the West’s self-deception

Why Russia cancelled South Stream

Turks vote in election set to shape Erdogan’s legacy

Amnesty International calls for probe into Nigerian army war crimes

Late Night Karaoke

Late Night Karaoke

Late Night Karaoke

Late Night Karaoke

Late Night Karaoke

Six In The Morning

On Sunday

 Church in Ireland needs ‘reality check’ after gay marriage vote



One of Ireland’s most senior Catholic clerics has called for the Church to take a “reality check” following the country’s overwhelming vote in favour of same-sex marriage.

The first gay marriages are now likely to take place in the early autumn.

Diarmuid Martin, the archbishop of Dublin, said the Church in Ireland needed to reconnect with young people.

The referendum found 62% were in favour of changing the constitution to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

Sunday’s Headlines:

Qatar refuses to let Nepalese workers return to attend funerals after quake

Burundian opposition figure shot dead, witnesses say

 Cyber-Attack Warning: Could Hackers Bring Down a Plane?

Mass graves of Rohingya, Bangladeshi migrants in Malaysia’s forests: report

In Jordanian city, cries of ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ echo Ferguson

Six In The Morning

On Sunday

 China Making Some Missiles More Powerful



After decades of maintaining a minimal nuclear force, China has re-engineered many of its long-range ballistic missiles to carry multiple warheads, a step that federal officials and policy analysts say appears designed to give pause to the United States as it prepares to deploy more robust missile defenses in the Pacific.

What makes China’s decision particularly notable is that the technology of miniaturizing warheads and putting three or more atop a single missile has been in Chinese hands for decades. But a succession of Chinese leaders deliberately let it sit unused; they were not interested in getting into the kind of arms race that characterized the Cold War nuclear competition between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Sunday’s Headlines:

Amazon Tall Tower Observatory gives scientists the big picture of the rainforest

Opinion: Fear devours open societies

Seattle flotilla protests Shell’s Arctic drilling plans

Holocaust drama ‘Son of Saul’ shakes up Cannes audiences

Fears as buildings continue to crack in quake-hit Nepal

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