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Not One Serious or Socially Useful Word

Long ago and far away, when animals could talk (and a pleasure it is to start a diary that way), there were tiger stories and lemur stories and coyote stories; really good stories; and of course we keep telling those stories.  But when we paved and burned and ate the places tiger and lemur and coyote lived, no one saw them anymore, or not as much, and so fewer of their stories were remembered; indeed their story became all about the sentiment of loss.  “It is sad about the tigers” people say; and so they should; but this is a shade before, right at the twilight of wild things. 

It’s been awhile

[Diary deleted for personal reasons.  Sorry guys.]

A Few Irritating Questions

OK, so I've wasted a year of my life on the blogs.  And a little.  From this sad and fruvious abandonment, I've come to a sharply diminished sense of my own importance, a contradictory tendency towards arrogant and conceited assertion, and a great solidity in my belief that most people — myself included — are purely batshit.  However, I've also come to a few questions, which I toss out to the members of our invisible college for rumination, digestion, and perhaps (finally) deposit, messy or neat as per your nature.  To whit:

Stew of the Day

Nothing special, just the urge to scribble out something of modest interest as I sit this morning on my dharma bum.  A conversation, an article worth reading, some stereotypical liberal thoughts on recent events.  A short divertissement, half a can of diet pepsi, part of a chocolate chip cookie.

Mankind Was My Business

In keeping with the dd policy of being able to post any damn thing…and because I’m spending the night snuggled on the sofa with hot chocolate and Dickens…and don’t really care how horribly unsophisticated of me it might be, to post this passage entire…from the original Christmas Carol…

Pony Party: One Little Mistake Edition

Somehow, the Pony Party I’d posted got nuked.  It’s not showing up, so I’m recreating it, under my own account ’cause I’m in a hurry.  Hopefully it wasn’t nuked ’cause our leader really hated it or somethin’.  But it has a real pony!

Toward a Politics of Dignity

It is very easy, in the day to day, for any kind of hope for a livable world to slip away.  It’s hardly necessary to reiterate the reasons in a progressive forum, but they bear repeating if only as an introduction to my arguments.  At the top is population; in my lifetime the world’s population has doubled, and resources have not kept pace.  Thirty five thousand people or so die every day from starvation and it’s consequences.  While we live in the global west, a step removed from the face of this horror, the results of shrinking resources and ecological catastrophe are not far behind us.  In this context, Americans – and perhaps eventually Europeans, Canadians and Australians as well – are facing a future of desperate and reactionary governments, the diminishment of liberty, and lives increasingly circumscribed by expectations of conformity and loss of privacy.  In America especially, we have seen the rise of a government dedicated to permanent war and the promulgation of fear, hatred and vengeance as guiding values and, indeed, policy.

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