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Katrina Fatigue, my ass.

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The day after Christmas, I’m heading back to the Gulf Coast for a week

with the volunteers. If The Muse doesn’t run out on me, this will be the first in a series of short and easy reads on what it all means. Or doesn’t.

This trip came about because we had some money left over from the last one.

After three trips with no skills other than strong backs, it was becoming pretty clear that unless we could kick it up a notch, there wouldn’t be much use in returning.  

14,000 in FEMA trailers on the Gulf. Finish The Job.

a l’orange aussi.

With federal relief money still bottlenecked in the system and 14,000 residents displaced by Katrina about to go through their third winter in FEMA trailers or tents, the housing charities of Mississippi are trying to raise $300 million dollars to Finish The Job of getting these people back into permanent housing. There’s more after the jump.

Frank Rich Just Farted in Church

He did it. He absolutely went there. On the op-ed page.

Frank Rich just ran through the unspoken barrier that got Dick Durbin in
such hot water two years ago. He’s made the historical comparison that no one has been allowed to make, for fear of diminishing the scope and scale of an evil that reigned a half-century ago. A comparison that someone in the MSM has needed to make, because we are surely walking down that same road.

Madame Speaker thinks you’re irresponsible

Also available in Orange

From the Washington Post:

“We have to make responsible decisions in the Congress that are not driven by the dissatisfaction of anybody who wants the war to end tomorrow,” Pelosi told the gathering at the Sofitel, arranged by the Christian Science Monitor.

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The netroots are buzzing… A fundraiser is in the works to endow a chair keyboard for The Snarky Bard of Daily Kos, Bill in Portland Maine.

When Bill lost his day job, it seemed certain the netroots would lose ‘Cheers and Jeers,’ that riotous virtual kiddie pool of the intertubes… Farewell to pooties and poochies and rum and cokes and all the snarky goodness that made life in Bushworld slightly more tolerable.

But all is not lost.
Sitting on the rec list at DKos,there’s a diary that leads to the paypal links for donations that will keep BiPM chained to his laptop for as long as we need him.

Give early, give often. Give peas a chance.

Somewhere in Portland Maine, a cabana boy will be smiling.

Please Show Madame Speaker The Door

Sweet Jeebus.

Impeachment is off the table. Defunding is off the table.  And now, it seems that even raising taxes to pay for the war is now off the table. 

Sure, Raising taxes can be scary. Any potentially politically unpopular decision can be scary. But, that’s kinda what leadership is all about.

It’s Confirmed: Dick Cheney is an official “Evil Genius”

Doctor Evil can’t hold a candle to this guy, both in the depths of his machinations and in his proclivity to do exactly the wrong thing strategically.

I did a quick search to see if anyone had noticed this little item buried deep in the
Newsweek article on Israel’s raid on Syria… didn’t see it anywhere, so here’s the money graph:

I Want my LBJ, and screw the “Supermajority” stuff (avec poll)

Aren’t you guys a little tired of the whingeing about not having enough
Democrats in the Senate?  About waiting for 60 votes before we can do anything meaningful about… well, anything?

The problem isn’t the size of the majority. The problem is the leadership.
Democrats have done more with less….

picture slowly fades into wayback sequence

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