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Book Review: Tom Engelhardt, The American Way of War

Folks this book by Tom Engelhardt just came out — it’s got good antiwar writing in it, and a good perspective can bring out its especially good points.  But, hey, that’s what reviewers are for!

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Book Review: Leighninger’s Long-Range Public Investment (2007)

Book Review: Leighninger, Jr., Robert D. Long-Range Public Investment: The Forgotten Legacy of the New Deal. 1st ed. 1 vol. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 2007.

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Book Review: Chris Hedges, Empire of Illusion (2009)

This is a critical review of Chris Hedges’ book Empire of Illusion, with further discussion of its relevance in a society with no future.

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No future for you

This is an attempt to assess how political life has been foreshortened by the fact that “the horizon of the future has contracted.”

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Book Review: Tom Engelhardt, The End of Victory Culture (2007)

OK, this is a war diary, based on the question “when will it ever end?”  It will review Tom Engelhardt’s 2007 book The End of Victory Culture.  This, then, is a review of that book, and an attempt to apply its thought to the war situation of the current era.

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Immigration: it’s simple.

Every once in awhile the media mouthpieces attempt to explain to the public that the immigration issue is “complex.”  Would anyone here like to explain to me in real terms how this is so?  I am not going to name names or point fingers here.

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Social Class and the Tea Party Show Biz

You all, I hope, have read Paul Street’s and Anthony DiMaggio’s piece on MRZine, “What ‘Populist Uprising’?”, about the actual identities of the participants in “Tea Party” movement.  This actually reveals something interesting about Street himself — that someone who actually wants to “resist empire” is willing to admit that the only resistance to make it to the TV screen is, in fact, a charade.  

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Big Tent Anticapitalism

One of the most appealing features of the Democratic Party is its adherence to “Big Tent” politics.  Here I’d like to propose political organizations devoted to “Big Tent” anticapitalism, uniting people of various viewpoints in an attempt to create an alternative to the capitalist system.

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Preparing for the new era of domination

Since neither we nor our legislators plan to do anything about it, and since our adherence to progressive ideology apparently outweighs our willingness to exercise our power, it is time to state with determination where this is all going to hit bottom.  The ecological dilemma of a society dependent upon not-so-cheap and not-so-clean oil provides a starting-point for my argument that the capitalist system has reached a cul-de-sac.  In this respect, predominant policy initiatives anticipate a post-capitalist world in which an elite of special interests uses government as a gatekeeper for public access to limited slots in a relatively tiny consumer society.

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Some thoughts on “lesser of two evils” voting

Of all of the voting strategies commonly circulating in public discourse, the “lesser of two evils” voting strategy is best adapted to the two-party, majoritarian democracy which prevails in almost all electoral contests in the United States.  This is a very brief look at the rationality of the “lesser of two evils” voting rationale.

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Marx’s Capital and the Cult of Money

LaFeminista’s most recent diary over at points to the presence of cults in America, of which Scientology is one.  You look at those videos, and wonder why people would believe and say and do such stuff, and then you’re reminded of the cultists who run the Texas Board of Education… but, really, there’s one big cult, into which all of the other cults feed — the Cult of Money.  This diary will examine said cult through Chapter 4 of Marx’s Capital and then suggest deprogramming measures.

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Political economy in free-fall

In a previous diary I discussed the notion of progressive ideology, which suggests that basic tenets of “progressivism” prevent it from articulating any sort of meaningful political resistance to neoliberalism, which in this era is the one ideology which has triumphed over all of the others, and thus the one ideology which matters.

In today’s discussion I will put forth the political meaning of this ideological formation: political economy in free-fall.

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