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That SCHIP Won’t Sail

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While Congress was away, Bush continued to do his sneaky freaky Friday attack on S-CHIP.  Much of this post is simply a replay of events that occurred prior to Congress’ return last week. But one thing Bush forgot in his unrelenting quest to punish the poor, the sick, the elderly and the vulnerable: the senators are facing those people at the polls, and they aren’t looking too good when it comes to cutting off people at the knees.

So the senators are mutinying against Bush’s bowl of strawberries re-enactment. The only think lacking is the presidential candidate with enough spine to act as a realistic Mister Roberts. A cross between the mutiny on the Bounty and Mister Roberts, the governors are finding themselves smack dab in the middle of where policy meets constituent suffering.

To Your Health!

Congrats to the DocuDharma blogging team!  May good karma envelop Budhy and his FP and tech contributors! (Raising a glass in a toast…..Ooh!  Bubbles up my nose!)

I’m still making this up as I go along.  Yesterday’s post was called Health News Roundup, but I’m looking for a better name for this series.  Help. 

Today’s focus is on finding some of the gems about healthcare and health policy that you can subscribe to via email. These are typically daily reports with excerpts and links to primary health and policy resources.  They are deeply referenced, cited transparently, and they have a high degree of reliability and validity.

Feedback makes me all warm and fuzzy – and it makes the quality and focus better for you, dear reader. Please let me know what you think, what you would like to read, and what stories and issues you’re interested in reading about.  Here’s your cup to sip from the health fire hose.  *g*

The Surge Is Working In Iraq

{Crossposted at To Us!. Permission to use noncommercially with attribution.}

There is a real effective surge in Iraq.  It just isn’t with the combat forces.

Cholera is surging through the country.

Health News Roundup

Thought I’d create a little links fest for those who would like to sip from the firehose that is health and healthcare. 

This post is for novice readers and features some core and must-have reference links.

Since I’m a two a day essayist, and I already used one of my daily offerings, I’ll add the links for the major highlights of today at the bottom.  If you like what you read, or if you would enjoy something different, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll adjust accordingly.

The Main Bang – A Must Read

I doubt that many – if any – read the air traffic contollers’ blogs.  There is one called The Main Bang, written by John Carr, that I most vigorously advocate for inclusion here.  I would be ecstatic if John became a front pager here.  He is the past president of NATCA – The National Air Traffic Controllers Association.  That is the union formed after Reagan gutted PATCO and fired controllers en masse in August of 1981.

Oral Exam

I would so enjoy the day that the following questions are asked of every presidential candidate, every senator and every representative. Care to speculate on anyone’s probable answers?

Chips and Cancer: Who Knew?

The AP published a story by Todd Lewan which is full of descriptions all sorts of problems with public safety, science and ethics in the US. Underlying it all is the active resistance to both governmental and private organizations and individuals to do the right thing. Over and over and over, known problems are hidden from view, and appointed government officials jump from their positions where they have oversight and regulatory authority to the very organizations for which they were charged to oversee on behalf of the public interest and safety.

Reflections on Madeleine

Because you’re not what I would have you be, I blind myself to who, in truth, you are.

Madeleine L’Engle died this past Thursday. The New York Times and The Washington Post published moving obituaries, and others’ memoriams are beginning to make appearances on the internet.

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