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The Breakfast Club (Lite)

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AP’s Today in History for July 24th

A key ruling during the Watergate scandal; Nixon and Khrushchev hold a ‘kitchen debate’ during the Cold War; Brigham Young and Mormon followers arrive in present-day Utah; Apollo 11’s crew returns home.

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Deckhand Scolded For Throwing Trash On Floor Of Ship When Great Pacific Garbage Patch Right There

The Onion

NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN—Telling the crew member to have a little more respect for his place of work, Captain Sig Gunderson scolded his deckhand Friday for throwing trash on the floor of the ship when the Great Pacific Garbage Patch was right there. “It takes all of us to keep a tidy vessel, so it would be appreciated if you put your trash in its proper place in the ocean,” said Gunderson, adding that it only takes a few seconds to walk to the gunwale and throw garbage into the 620,000-square-mile gyre of marine debris, where it belongs. “I’m not your maid, so pick up your plastic wrapper, bottle, bag, or whatever you’re trying to get rid of, and throw it overboard like a civilized human being. Just look for the big floating island of junk in the ocean with all the dead fish floating around in it; you can’t miss it.” Gunderson added that the deckhand should make sure to separate his trash from recyclables, because it was important to help the environment.