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AP’s Today in History for April 3rd

Martin Luther King Jr. gives speech before assasination; Bruno Richard Hauptmann electrocuted for kidnap and murder of Charles Lindbergh’s son; President Harry Truman signs Marshall plan; Jesse James shot to death; Pony Express begins service

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Wealthy Couple Founds Art Museum To Foster Public Appreciation For How Wealthy They Are

The Onion

LOS ANGELES—In a generous gift intended to enrich the lives of residents and tourists alike, wealthy couple Louise and Richard Morris launched plans Monday to establish an art museum that would foster public appreciation for exactly how wealthy they are. “When Richard and I thought about how to best put our resources to use, we immediately imagined an open and welcoming art space where the public can cultivate a greater understanding of how incredibly large our net worth is,” said the billionaire couple in a statement about the modern art museum to be known as The Morris, going on to describe the $140 million, 10,000-square-foot atrium where attendees could gather to discuss what it would be like to have the sort of money you could just throw at your passing whims. “Our affluence shouldn’t be locked away in private estates. It should be put on display in an open manner that lets visitors recognize the tremendous value that lies in our bank accounts. Seeing our wealth on display in such a magnificent way—in a place where it can be seen and never touched—can’t help but inspire everyone who visits.” At press time, the couple announced that museum tickets would cost $65.