NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament 2022: Championship

These are the scores of the Final Four that determined tonight’s Championship game. The first game between two of the remaining #1 teams was S. Carolina’s from the start. The game between #2 UConn and #1 Stanford was a nail biter right to the end.


Time Network Seed School Record Region Score Seed School Record Region Score
7:00 ESPN 1 Loiusville 29 – 4 Wichita 59 1 S. Carolina* 33 – 2 Greensboro 72
9:30 ESPN 2 UConn* 29 – 5 Bridgeport 63 1 Stanford 32 – 2 Spokane 58


Tonight’s game is UConn 12th appearance in the Championship game and has never been defeated in that match up. Uconn has met S. Carolina in November losing to them 72 – 57. It was only the second time the Gamecocks had beaten the Huskies in 11 match ups. Expect this game to be a close game between two strong teams. Pre-game show starts at 7 PM ET.


Time Network Seed School Record Region Score Seed School Record Region Score
8:00 ESPN 2 UConn* 30 – 5 Briddgeport 49 1 S. Carolina* 34 – 2 Greensboro 64

The in studio coverage commentators are Elle Duncan, joined by analysts Rebecca Lobo, Carolyn Peck and Nikki Fargas. They are very nicely dressed in solid colors. Ms. Duncan, an ESPN Sports anchor, is wearing a v-neck bright blue dress, wrap style earrings and simple silver chain necklace necklace. Ms. Lobo, a former UConn team member, WNBA players and now a women’s basketball analyst, is wearing a purple jump suit. Ms. Peck former coach of Purdue’s women’s team has donned a square neck red dress., a sapphire and diamond pendants on a gold chain pendant. Former Tennessee player and former head coach for UCLA and LSU, is wearing a powder blue pants suit with a matching camisole, The clunky, cheap looking plastic necklaces have passed out of fashion along with the animal print dresses and scarves. Thank the fashion Goddess.

Big loss for UConn and Gino Auriemma. First time in its history that the women have lost a title game. Next year.

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