NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2022: Elite 8 – Day 2

#2 Villanova goes to the Final Four after defeating #6 Houston in one of the lowest scoring games in this tournament. Good game by #2 Duke over #4 Arkansas..


Time Network Seed School Record Score Seed School Record Score Region
6:09 TBS 6 Houston 32 – 5 44 2 Villanova* 29 – 7 50 South
8:49 TBS 4 Arkansas 28 – 8 69 2 Duke* 31- 6 78 West

The game everyone will be watching is the 16 St. Peter’s – #8 N. Carolina.


Time Network Seed School Record Score Seed School Record Score Region
2:20 CBS 10 Miami (FL) 26 – 10 50 1 Kansas* 31 – 6 76 West
5:05 CBS 15 St. Peter’s 22 – 11 49 8 N. Carolina* 27 – 9 69 East

#1 Kansas moves on to the Final Four after handily trouncing #10 Miami in the second half of the game. Bigger and stronger #8 N. Carolina ended the bracket busting #15 St. Peter’s run, a great team with a lot of spunk. I hope we’ll see them again next year.

The CBS game analysts are looking spiffy today. Greg Gumbel has definitely improved. He is wearing a almost dark blue with subtle white pattern suit with a white shirt, a white on tan striped tie (nice contrast) with a dark brown pocket square. Clark Kellogg again sports hi blue on tan plaid suit, adding the matching vest with a pale blue shirt, white on tan striped tie. Kenny Smith has gone with a white speckled on medium blue sports jacket and black slacks, blue and white striped shirt with solid white collar, a black tie and white pocket square. Charles Barkley bragged in the pre-game show that his super power was being able to get away with wearing anything on TV.. Tonight, he sports a classic, very dark charcoal grey suit, white shirt and a satin tie that matches the color of the suit.