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AP’s Today in History for February 6th

President Ronald Reagan born; Hillary Clinton runs for the U.S. Senate; Britain’s King George VI dies; baseball legend Babe Ruth and reggae superstar Bob Marley born.

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Elite Selective Hospital Only Accepts 9% Of ICU Applicants

The Onion

STANFORD, CA—With experts noting that it was more difficult than ever to secure a spot in a top medical facility, a study commissioned by U.S. News & World Report found that the most elite hospital only accepts 9% of ICU applicants. “What we’re seeing across the country is that ever-increasing competition among heart-attack sufferers, gunshot victims, and those with acute respiratory failure allows the top intensive care units to be very, very selective about whom they accept,” said study co-author Jenna Francis, adding that admissions officers at Beckwith Memorial, the nation’s most prestigious and highly selective hospital, had explained that even those with massive cerebral hemorrhages were no longer considered shoo-ins for ICU beds without a very strong application and multiple glowing recommendations. “Of course, there’s a trickle-down effect, which enables even mid-tier ICUs to be much more discerning about which people with brain aneurysms, sepsis, or blunt-force trauma they admit. That’s why we recommend that anyone seeking emergency medical treatment apply to several safety hospitals in other states. Many have considered this trend overblown, saying it’s not even about the quality of the hospital—it’s the connections you make once you’re there. However, critics of the elite hospital system will note that Beckwith Memorial and similarly selective ICU wards are made up of mostly legacy admissions.” A related study found that the increased difficulty of landing a coveted spot in a quality medical facility was leading more and more people in need of urgent medical care to consider applying for online ICUs.