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This Day in History

Apollo Eight astronauts orbit the moon; Ku Klux Klan is founded; Human voice first transmitted via radio; Suez Canal opened.

Breakfast Tunes

Something to Think about over Coffee Prozac

Just because something doesn’t confirm your existing beliefs does not mean it’s a hoax.

Stephanie Ruhle

Breakfast News

US News

Iowa expected to spend more than $9M for nursing help

Arkansas reports 1,314 new COVID-19 cases

Omicron hits Hawaii as infection surge nears all-time record

Louisiana health department: omicron may be 84% of new cases

US sets shorter COVID-19 isolation rules for health workers

New Jersey to pay $53M over COVID deaths at veteran’s homes

To grandmother’s house or no? Omicron disrupts holiday plans

New Year’s Eve in Times Square still on, with smaller crowd

US adds Merck pill as 2nd easy-to-use drug against COVID-19

Universal Orlando reinstates mask rule as COVID cases rise

Officials question San Francisco’s emergency over opioids

US tribes see hope for clean water in infrastructure bill

Texas board withdraws pardon recommendation for George Floyd

5 teenagers charged in armed carjacking of US Rep. Scanlon

Kim Potter guilty of manslaughter in Daunte Wright’s death

Company seeks to restore oil lease on land sacred to tribes

Amazon settles with NLRB to give workers power to organize

Seattle to open severe weather shelters during cold snap

2 dead in submerged car as California storm worries spread

Charges reduced against driver in deadly Nebraska crash

US Politics

Trump asks Supreme Court to block release of Jan. 6 records

White House nixes work requirement in Georgia Medicaid plan

Biden signs bills on forced labor in China, ALS research

For GOP, national party line trumps bringing home the bacon

40 federal judges confirmed in 2021; Biden nominates 2 more

Georgia election workers file second suit over fraud claims

US delays intelligence center targeting foreign influence

High court to hold special session on vaccine requirements

US has reunited 100 children taken from parents under Trump

Buttigieg doles out $241M to US ports to boost supply chain

International News

UK data suggests hospitalization is less likely with omicron

Greece cancels Christmas events, brings back mask mandate

Putin to the West: ‘It is not us who threaten anyone’

Pope demands humility in new zinger-filled Christmas speech

Changing climate parches Afghanistan, exacerbating poverty

Chile’s tattooed president-elect honors homeland in ink

In Africa, rescuing the languages that Western tech ignores


Rutgers to replace Texas A&M in Gator Bowl vs. Wake Forest

SEC, Big East alter basketball policies as COVID cases spike

Without the NHL, Russia emerges as favorite for Olympic gold

Deal craters for USADA to oversee horse racing anti-doping

Breakfast Blogs

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