Songs that will help you identify intervals

Dave Bennett Piano: Being able to recogise intervals when listening to a melody is incredibly valuable. A great way to anchor your perception of each interval is to use a famous song to remember how they sound, to remember the particular sound of each interval. So today I will give you at least one famous melody for the twelve intervals within the octave and one beyond the octave!

0:00 Introduction
1:52 Minor 2nd
2:47 Major 2nd
3:39 Minor 3rd
4:22 Major 3rd
5:34 Perfect 4th
6:03 Tritone
8:08 ToneGym
8:55 Perfect 5th
10:02 Minor 6th
11:54 Major 6th
12:52 Minor 7th
14:16 Major 7th
15:35 Octave
16:48 Intervals beyond the octave
19:02 Minor 9th
20:42 Outro

Back when I went to school this was called the Berklee method.

BobbyK for ek hornbeck