Our Fake Thanksgiving – SOME MORE NEWS

Cody Johnston: Hi. Here’s the true story of our fake Thanksgiving.

0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – The Thanksgiving Lie America Tells Itself To Cover Up Its Racist History
8:44 – Not Teaching Kids About The Unpleasant Truth About America Is Bad
19:09 – The True History Of The First Thanksgiving
22:57 – The Many, Many, Many Problems With Using Racist Stereotypes As Sports Mascots
35:03 – America’s Love Affair With Oil Is Destroying Native American Land… And The Planet
44:02 – Erasing Native American Culture Is Destroying Our Country
53:12 – Covid’s Disproportionate Impact On Native Americans
57:15 – Women of Color Are Going Missing And The Media and Police Don’t Care
1:01:15 – Give Native Americans Their Fucking Land Back

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