Why Is Conservative Comedy So… Not Very Good? – SOME MORE NEWS

Cody Johnston: Hi. In today’s episode, we discuss Gutfeld, Dennis Miller, Babylon Bee, and why conservatives aren’t funny.

0:00 – Introduction
1:39 – Why Isn’t Gutfeld Funny?
11:33 – Dave Chapelle, Gender and Sex
16:33 – Why Isn’t Dennis Miller Funny, Babe?
21:54 – Conservatives Would Rather ’Trigger The Libs’ Than Be Funny
31:03 – How Steven Crowder and Conservatives Use “Trolling” To Avoid Criticism
43:90 – Cruelty Is The Punchline And Also Pretty Boring
47:35 – It’s Not Hard To Make Fun Of Liberals, You Guys
49:34 – Conservative Are Funny
56:13 – How Trump Changed Comedy
01:01:48 – The Babylon Bee Identifies As Not Funny
01:05:56 – Conservatives Have Been Trying To Weaponize Comedy For Years

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